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Full Body Routine?


hey is anybody following full body rouitines at the moment?
and seeing good results?
also what rotine isit


I've been following this program (the hypertrophy one) http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_25_method&cr=

for four weeks. Nice strength gains, better body composition (put on 2,5lbs of muscle while loosing 6lbs of fat), and great conditioning. It can be draining. Do it only if you have good form on lifts.


One of the most popular full body programs right now is Starting Strength:

Tons of people get bigger and stronger with it.


Like who?


I guess the question that needs to be asked is...what do you consider good results?


Man, from what I've read, you seem to be an advocate of bodypart splits through and through and that's fine, but for this dude's situation (which he explained in a different thread), full body is going to be the way to go.

But to answer your question, the vast majority of people who correctly follow the Starting Strength plan (who fit the "target demographic" and don't try to tweak the routine) do end up gaining size and strength. Training logs on this and other forums will document that.

If you want to discuss or dissect the program itself, I suggest you either bump this thread in T-Cell Alpha:

Or start a new thread somewhere else. I'm sure a "lively" debate will ensue.


All I asked was for examples of who has gotten big and strong with the program...

too much to ask?


Here's my results from a 36 workout run with starting strength over a 4 month period.

Lifts Start End Change
Squat 185lbs 270lbs 85lbs
Bench 155 225 70
Deadlift 195 315 120
Military Press 95 135 40
Power Clean 135 150 15
The low power clean progression was the result of having to drop the weight part way though, and fix my form.

I didn't really gain much weight maybe 10lbs, but since I was already somewhat chubby, I pretty much ate at maintainance levels. I did put on enough upper body mass to go up a shirt size from medium to large, and I added 2.5 inches to my biceps. In my book, those are more then acceptable gains.


Too much to read?

While I'd rather not do your homework for you, I'll start you off in the right direction:


That's just under 10 minutes of searching on T-Nation. Add in BB.com, Strengthmill, and other training forums, and the data is there.

Yes, Starting Strength has its detractors, but like it or not, agree with it or not... it produces results.


***Gasp** There's no bicep day, their arms will stay the exact same size.


lol, cant people be open minded to everything and accept that most things work for most people. at the momentim doing TBT ala Reg Park, later in life im looking forward to using other programs like DC and other splits.
(insert yoda qoute)


LOL All of those links just reinforced the opinion I already hold on Starting Strength. It does nothing special, and nothing normal training can't do BETTER.


And nothing normal training can't do BETTER? Well, well, WELL

"Starting Strength is a great book. I think the idea of alternating the Deadlift with the Power Clean is a good idea. As is rotating the Press with the Bench Press.

Other than that, it's pretty much the most normal program ever." - FightingScott 07-27-2008, 12:44 AM

Yes... It's pretty much "THE NORMAL PROGRAM". It produces results by following basic logic. You start on the normal, and move onto other less 'normal' stuff. Or you start there, and move onto other normal stuff. What more is there to say? Are you discrediting Starting Strength's normality?


Personally, at 30 years old and coming back using the SS program after not lifting for 7 years I have had better gains in strength and size after 7 weeks than I did in 7 months on a 5 day split at 23 years old.

The simplicity and compact nature of the program fits perfectly into my lifestyle at this time where as other programs requiring higher volumes and more time commitments will not mesh with my work or scheduling.

Take it or leave it but it works for me and really, thats all I care about.


What is this "normal training" you speak of? SS is pretty straight forward and to the point. Can't get much more basic.


This is the routine that I have been doing for a while now: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/totalbody_training

It seems fine. I need to watch my carb intake prior to heading in to the gym because of the volume of sets leaves me quite drained by the end of it most days. But yeah, my strength is up nicely! Body weight is about the same. I haven't done any body fat % tests though so I can't comment on lean body mass.


Bud, I've known that your opinion of Starting Strength won't change regardless of what I point out. That's fine, and I mentioned that in my first reply to you.

What's laughable that you asked for proof, I clearly provided it, and then your only reply was to brush it off dismissively.

"Normal training"? Okay then.