Full Body Routine After Football

I am in football season right now so its sort of a maintanence routine at school. But once the season is over, I want a good routine that’s simple. Could someone post what a good full body routine would look like? But more importantly I want to know if a full body routine would even be good for me.

I’ve been lifting for around 2 and a half years taking protein shakes and creatine. I started out a normal skinny guy and within a year, everybody at school says that I take steroids. So you can imagine the transformation was huge.

I give most of the credit to the creatine because if you take that stuff along with protein shakes and eat good foods, it makes you a monster. I’m used to doing isolated exercises.

I can bench 245-10 times but my chest doesn’t grow much like it should, but still big enough where I can make my pecs jump but just not big enough for me. My question is what type of person would you reccommend a full body routine to?

different strokes for different folks. Use the search feature, and check out Total-Body-Training by Chad Waterbury if you want to go that route. Or, if chest is a problem, check out Christian Thibaudeau’s HSS-100 Chest Specialization routine. Or even his Superhero program.

Everyone responds differently to workouts. If those don’t tickle your fancy, check out the Articles “How to Design a Damn Good Program” Parts 1 and 2.

Not growing? Check out the nutrition articles on this site as well.
Good luck, happy lifting!
(for more helpful links, go to the beginners tab, and click on Are You A Beginner by Vroom).

Westside for Skinny Bastards 3. Read it on EliteFTS.com or DeFranco’s site. It’s made for football players.