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Full Body Program Warm Up?

Hey everybody, it is time for me to change my current working routine.
I have been following ABBH for a few months and I need something new. I was considering a 3 day a week program I found on bodybuilding.com.

My question is how do you safely and effectively warm up for such a program? Right now on ABBH on day one for instance, i just switch back in forth in between exercises gradually increasing the weight until I hit the weight I am supposed to use for all 10 sets. I like doing it this way because I have never once hurt myself during a work out when doing this. My problem is that if I did this in a full body program it would just take me way to long. Any suggestions please?

Do “whole body” cardio for 5-10 minutes before starting your lifting, something like the eliptical machine. This will warm up the muscles and joints some. Then give yourself a warm up set on your first exercise. After this you should be feeling pretty warmed up and can just go through your workout. I have found this type of warm up works well with my push / pull regimen.

Thanks koots, I will try this out. I didn’t think one set would be good enough for a warmup. Guess I don’t know until I try. Thanks again.

Whenever I do fullbody training, I just have a couple warm up sets before I start my working sets. 1-2 Warm up sets for single joint lifts and usually 2-4 for compound lifts. Depending on how much you lift you may need more or less. If you are benching 400 you will need more warmup sets than someone benching 135.

You could try light-weight complexes to warm up, after your warm-up cardio if you prefer to throw that in there to get the blood moving. Use just the bar and do something like:

Bent-over row
Upright row
Clean/press (or snatch)
Overhead press
Overhead squat
Back squat
Good morning
Overhead press
Start sequence over

Anything would work. You can do something like this or use only a handful of movements, but it would work well. Perhaps add a small amount of weight to the bar each set until you feel ready to go.

i usually do some jumping jacks for a few mins, then some burpees, then light stretching. Then warm up by doing the exercise w/ lighter weight.

[quote]dj_tiesto wrote:
i usually do some jumping jacks for a few mins, then some burpees, then light stretching. Then warm up by doing the exercise w/ lighter weight. [/quote]

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Hey Schwarzenagger, what is an RDL?

Whenever I do FBT I warmup with a few sets of Burpees.