Full Body Program from Beyond 5/3/1

Hi! I was planning on running the full body program from the Beyond book that has you squatting 3x a week with assistance exercises consisting of rows and db bp on monday and chin ups on wednesday. My chin ups suck so I was wondering if I could add some xtra chins on monday? There is no point in doing 5x10 chins on wednesday when I can probably do about 10 for an amrap. Maybe 5x5 on monday after squatting and 5x5 on wednesday instead of 5x10?

EDIT: If I did bodyweight chins, let’s say 3x8 on monday, 1-2 reps away from failure with 2min rest between sets and kept working untill I can do 3x10-15. On wednesday I would do weighted chin ups for 3x5 with 3min rests between sets. This way I could have higher frequency which would be beneficial and the volume would stay somewhat similar. Would this be ok?


Do lots of chins.

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