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Full Body or One Body Part?

When lifting, is it better to do one body part a day… or is it better to do a full body workout with 1-2 exercises per muscle group??

If it helps, I am 16 and looking to bulk up and gain strength.

Check out Total body training(TBT).

When you are first starting out your body will probably respond better to hitting the same muscle 3 times a week rather than just 1 time.

The key is don’t use the same exercise to hit the same muscle on the different days of the week. Also change your set and rep scheme.

Look up TBT and read the article if you have more questions post them here.

I am currently on CW’s TBT program, It has shown great results, at least as far as hypertrophy is concerned. I am 17 and went from 154lbs-168lbs in less than 2 months. You might want to check it out. Also it may help to know what exactly you are interested in training. Upper body - Lower body, Biceps - triceps. That kind of stuff.
Another good method I have seen is a 4-day a week program including a back/bi day and a chest/tri… Most exercises done for these compliment the other one. Assuming you are not trying to go barbell curls for your back.
I hope this helps. If you need anything PM me.

If I could give my sixteen year old self some advice, this would be it:

-Stick with the full body workouts. It will keep you from doing extra unnceccary bullshit.

-Don’t get caught up in the stupid crap your friends are doing. Let them fuck up they’re backs and shoulders with bad form and too much weight, but don’t let that be you.

-Don’t worry about going to failure on your sets. Always hold back a rep or two. The risk to reward ratio on sets to failure is not worth it. Especially at an age when you’re still growing.

-Getting progressively stronger and increasing overall work capacity should be the primary goals.

-Eat good food and lots of it, especially in the hours immediately following a working out.

-Keep at it, even if it seems like things are going slow. The big growth spurt could still be a year or two off, but you’ll be ready to take full advantage of it.

-Don’t take any fucking steroids, you’re too young and it’s a waste.

Oh yeah since you are still growing do not go for singles. I personally am going to make sure my 15 year old brother does not go below 6 reps starting out.

It doesn’t matter because you are still a beginner. A fullbody might work for one and a split for another. Just stick with compound exercises.

I’ve found that two things work better than one-bodypart-a-day workouts.

  1. Full-body workouts (TBT, SFM, etc.)

  2. Upper/Lower body splits (ABBH, Renegade Training, Westside for Skinny Bastards, etc.)

By focusing on compound lifts and working the entire body more frequently, you’ll make better gains in strength and size.

[quote]Fun_Aka wrote:
It doesn’t matter because you are still a beginner. A fullbody might work for one and a split for another. Just stick with compound exercises.[/quote]

I’m actually not a beginner. I’ve been lifting for around 2 years now.

stick with basic and brutal full body workouts 3 days week keep it compound and short with a few BASIC and don’t over dot it. here a good one 5x5 with the first two set a build up to a top weight for the last 3 sets. day one squat, bench ,row , calf, day two bentleg deadlift, chin, clean and press. repeated day one and then day two and it sounds to easy to work but for beginners it take a while to get brain to fire as much force as it can at first. so most will get stronger at first with no size but if you keep up with it and not over train and do any isolation work ( beginners don’t need them)the size will come in about 6 moths