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Full Body or Circuit?

I’m 5’11", 186lbs with bf% somewhere around 20% I think. I look relatively lean in my lower body and arms, but I’ve got some horrible love handles and some lower back fat that I guess may indicate undesirable estrogen levels. I, for the first time, have actually come up with a solid eating plan, and expect to be able to stick to it. I will count calories if I don’t see a positive trend within a 4-6 weeks, but as of now, I had just planned on keeping up with protein intake, eating whole foods, and eliminating any crap. I can post pictures of what I look like if need be (please let me keep my shameful love handles to myself).

I need help on deciding on a workout plan. I recently came across Nutty’s plan for beginners and really liked what I read. I would probably do the 3 day a week/full body version. However, I was also considering a 3 day a week circuit that would like this:

Each exercise performed for a minute, with a minute rest after all exercises are completed, done for 3 sets, then a 4th set with a minute rest between each exercise.

Cable crunch
DB lunges
Renegade Row

I assume the exercises could be changed up for the next two days so long as the same muscle groups were hit.

I know someone will ask what my goals are, so they are getting down to at least 15% bf and of course hypertrophy. I imagine the circuit would help me to reach the fat loss goals quicker than Nutty’s plan, but with proper eating, maybe they would both work equally well.


Nutty was a fraud and just regurgitated information he read from other people, including me. I have no idea what his “plan” is but I would stick to some of the basic tried and true methods (5/3/1, 5x5, whatever else is popular).

I had thought about 5/3/1 but Wendler says not to do it in a deficit, and while I’m not counting calories as of yet, I have been aiming to be around maintenance to a slight deficit.

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Hmmm… I was hearing rumors that he was being questioned and called out. When did the shit hit the fan?

I would suggest that as a beginner, with probably in excess of 20% body fat, you can do 5/3/1 just fine at a slight deficit. There was an article on the main page recently that made a fairly strong argument that as long as your deficit isn’t extreme (think around 1 lb/week) you’re effectively not in a deficit as far as effects on training goes until you’re down around 10% body fat, since your body is easily making up for the deficit with stored fuel. Once you get down into the single digits, it’s a different story, of course.


Just run through proven templates. This full body works well…

If want to crank it up can end with finishers like these…

How old are you?

How long have you been lifting?

What does a “solid eating plan” look like if you’re not tracking anything?

What is your current training like?

What is your current diet like? I mean give a day of eating in the life of kbgreen.

At around 20% you should probably focus on losing fat first, and that will require a deficit no matter which way you spin it. Love handles and lower back fat I’d say is more indicative of low test levels. High estrogen would be more fat in your hips, butt, chest…

Great resource here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6q59mQnJqg

Just turned 25 two weeks ago.

Been lifting for about two years. First year I didn’t miss a day. The last 8ish months, I haven’t been nearly as consistent due to several excuses that I like to think are justified but ultimately it doesn’t matter cause I gained about 15lbs that I don’t want.

A “solid eating plan” is as close to 180g of protein everyday, spaced out evenly across 3-4 meals consisting of either chicken thighs/breast, fish, beef, turkey, or eggs as the main protein source and one to two vegetables with each meal such as broccoli, rice, potatoes, green beans, etc. and a protein shake for backup on days when I haven’t had enough protein otherwise.

Current training is the Hard Body plan from this site.

A day in the life of my eating consists of what I detailed above as I’ve been doing that for almost a week now. Before that it honestly wasn’t anything extreme, just too much fast food and carbs and sweets sprinkled ( poured) in lol.

I’ll just post my shameful pics so you can get a better idea.


Yeah, it is unfortunate, I was rooting for the guy. People started asking for vids/photos and that sort of put a light on it. Even I was like, damn that is impressive progress for an average dude— but always tried to be supportive.

Check out his log. I used to like nutty. But it appears he was unable to provide photos / videos of his so called progress.

Ironically this meant none of nuttys advice was bad. It was solid advice rewritten which he took credit for. For example; his beginnings plan was a 531 beginners plan with slightly adjust progression I believe. Changing the progression mode, changing the name and taking credit makes him an ass. But the programme will still churn out great results.

OP do nuttys plan if you want. Its solid. Just know that it’s a 531 template. And you’re not “meant” to use double progression. But double progression WILL work very well. And is in my opinion easier to track.

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Just looked up Hard Body workout. That looks great. If you enjoy a lot of variety in your training it seems like a great fit for you. Anything that will inspire you to stay consistent is a-ok!

The reason I was asking about a day in the life of eating is because I was looking for the typical day that got you to this point. Highlighting your new plan that you’ve only been following for a week so you don’t look bad doesn’t really help you, or us in giving advice. Your eating plan from the last week in fact looks solid! The key here is just staying consistent now, that seems to be where you’ve had trouble in the past.

The notion i was attempting to “look good” after posting pictures of my gross little gut and love handles, and also saying my previous diet was not too different from my current one except for larger portions and much, much more breads and sweets seems strange, but I apologize if it came off as dishonest or fake or whatever it came off as.

I ran the hard body plan about a year ago for around 6 weeks, and I did get leaner. I was also quite a bit leaner to begin with than now. It wore me out. It fatigued me more than any plan id done before or since. I’ve done some pretty high volume plans too. I think it’s the circuits on the end of Monday’s and Wednesdays that get me. So now, 15 pounds heavier, I’m even more zapped after finishing. I always try to make sure I get an appropriate amount of protein and carbs about 45 minutes to an hour before working out, and I stay hydrated during the workout. I’d honestly prefer to go back and run the TBT by Waterbury again, but I worry that wouldn’t be as conducive to fat loss as the hard body plan, all things equal.

could try Waterbury’s ‘Summer Project’ which is half way between the two

also look at recovery protocol -get in some Mag 10/EAAs//whey isolate etc immediately post workout

How necessary would you say Hot Rox is?

Its very good stuff. Would never say its ‘necessary’ tho. Caffeine pill/strong black coffee is fine

If going to get some personally I would use it as a preworkout take 2-3 caps 5 mins before, twice a week MAX when you really need a kick
-it is strong stuff and can burn you out. If going to take every day/as label suggest then would ony do for 2 or 3 weeks at a time

Got it. Out of the recommended supps on the summer project plan, which would you say are the most important? I was thinking for sure fish oil and then maybe one/two other(s).

Not dishonest, just you’re leaving out the most important details. What is “much, much more breads and sweets?” +100g carbs? +1000g carbs? A few rice krispy treats? A whole box of rice krispy treats? You see what I’m saying?

“not too different from my current one except for larger portions and much, much more breads and sweets”

Except these are VERY DIFFERENT. I’m not sure why, but you seem to be overlooking the role of consistency and diet in reaching your goals. Instead you’re focusing on finding the right program, which probably accounts for 1% of what’s important, and Hot-Rox, which is maybe 0.1%. You could lose fat very easily right now without even going to the gym or taking any supplements. The greatest program in the world won’t do anything on top of inconsistent diet or off-and-on training. In other words, your progress so far has next to nothing to do with the workout program you chose.

I would not recommend even considering Hot-Rox until 1. you are 10-12% body fat, 2. your fat loss has stalled for at least 2 weeks, and 3. you’re looking to get shredded (6-8% body fat).

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I am having a hard time understanding why it is so important for me to detail what I ate on a regular basis before starting the new eating “plan” considering you told me the new plan looks good? I would wake up and eat 2-4 eggs and drink a diet green tea, then for lunch id have a bbq sandwich or hamburger from a small convenience store depending on where I was for work, and for dinner what I had varied greatly. and sometimes id eat 2-3 mini reese cups throughout the day, and one day I might have two biscuits with honey. But I understood all the things that were wrong with that and am not eating like that currently.

I am definitely not “overlooking the role of consistency and diet”. I understand that you can’t out-train a bad diet. I have read that a hundred times and have experience with it myself, and fully believe it to be true. When I first started working out, I trained like a mad man, but I wasn’t very knowledgeable
and my eating wasn’t consistent, so I saw some newbie results, but they were short-lived and nothing like what I could have seen if I had been more knowledgeable and more consistent with my eating, obviously. I get what you are saying, I really do.

The only supps I’m currently taking is a preworkout, I know a lot of people on here seem to be of the opinion they are a waste of money, and I understand that view, but it seems to help me focus, and some metabolic drive on occasion. Would you recommend anything else currently?

It’s important because it gives valuable information as to how you got to this point. That in turn gives better insight into what your metabolism is like and also your personality as it relates to eating and training. Let me give three different hypothetical clients all in very similar levels of experience and body-types:

  1. Eats super clean, counts calories and macros to a tee, even counts the 1g of fat in their non-stick spray they put on the pan before cooking ground beef! BUT…every week or so, can’t help themselves and go on an all out binge that balloons their weight up 10-15lb in one evening.

  2. Eating is a true shit show: gas station hot dogs, chips, McDonalds, soda, sugary cereal, etc. The only thing going for them is they don’t have much of an appetite, so they overall don’t eat that much, but it’s just not conducive to building muscle or losing fat.

  3. Doesn’t know what a calorie is, but eats generally good stuff in moderation. Considers a pizza from Trader Joe’s “healthy.” Not afraid to have a handful of skittles or some ice cream every night. Tends to gain weight around heavy periods of stress.

You’d absolutely need a different strategy for each of these people. And given your struggle with staying consistent in the past, that is precisely why knowing what you usually have done in the past is important…since, presumably, you don’t want to repeat that process! The diet you listed is great! But it might not be best approach for you. For example, person #2 up above would not do well on it. It’d be too drastic of a shift, and they’d give up after a week or less. Person #1 would probably do very well getting away from obsessive-compulsive eating during the week, and maybe it’ll help them in the long run to not count calories anymore.

That being said, sounds like your deviations from a solid diet were pretty regular, but mild, so it seems like a good approach. I like that you’re trying to be more intuitive with it and not jumping right to measuring every thing on a food scale.

One thing I’d recommend, though, to stay on track is to start a simple excel sheet for yourself. Pick a day of the week to weigh yourself first thing in the morning naked after peeing and/or emptying your bowels. Based on your weekly change make notes of adjustments for the week. This way you only really have to think about it that one morning and a few minutes after to know what to change. I recently cut about 20lb, and here’s a screenshot of the first 10 weeks. It’s nothing profound, and just for you as long as you understand what you’re saying haha.

re: supplements: Fish oil, curcumin, superfood, multi-vitamin, creatine, and a high quality whey isolate are always good staples


yeah hammer the basics like fish oil, get vit D3 in and minerals like zinc/zma. Adding creatine and bcaas to your preworkout would be next step after that.

Plazma will be make the biggest difference if have some coin. However if on a budget just use the money towards a bulk buy of quality lean beef/eggs/wholefoods etc