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Full Body Lifer


How would you/would you at all combine the lifer/FSL ideas with a 3 day full body template?

I’m writing the Lifer book right now - it’s a huge undertaking and does not involve full body training. Lifer is a 30 week program built to increase size, strength, speed while including appropriate conditioning. However it is not a full body program. There are plenty of full body programs I’ve written that have been proven to kick ass: I wrote a dozen or so this year. Monolith and 10000% Awesome come to mind. Check em out.

Remember I don’t just write stuff - I gotta work with myself or others and tweak as I see fit. In other words, these things just don’t float outta thin air. Good luck.

I’ll check out the monolith later this year, 1000% Awesome has been working great for me for the last few months. I’ll be looking forward to your new book!
Thank you for your time.