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Full Body Layer?

Hello CT,

Following a discussion with a friend about the layers I would like to know if the layer system could be used / adapted with fullbody training?

Example for one day :
A. Front Squat
1- work to 5RM
2- (90% of 5RM) 1 Rest Pause Set
3- (70-80% of 5RM) 1 slow eccentric

B. Bench Press
1- work to 5RM
2- (90% of 5RM) 1 Rest Pause Set or cluster set ?
3- (70-80% of 5RM) 1 slow eccentric or Drop set or other

C. Back work (Pull up or Rows) 2x6-12 reps

D. Isolation stuff ?

Dude, ask anybody who has done layers. Just doing one lift in your day will leave you drained after 3 weeks. There is no way someone should do what you just wrote. Even on high doses of steroids.


You could potentially use a double stimulation approach. Heavy work on one day and pump work on the next day after the heavy work on another exercise.

Day 1
Squat ramp
Squat clusters

Day 2
Bench ramp
Bench clusters
Squat slow eccentrics
Squat at 50%

It doesn’t workout perfectly.

Why? What are your goals and how does a full body routine fit that best? How does the original layer system not address those goals? And how does adjusting the layer system for full body address those goals?

Because currently I use a full body split, I can train only 3 days per week. I became a dad 2 months ago. So my sleep is not optimal. I had a skype consultation with CT, and we discuss about training when you only have 3 days per week to train and a poor sleep. We concluded (CT concluded) that a full body will work well, to (at least) keep my muscle and maybe add a bit.

And after talking about this system I just asked myself if it could be used in a fullbody.

Yeah I’m living that dad life too and go back forth between full body or upper lower alternating.

If muscle is your primary goal you could a PPL split, but I find I don’t like having crippling sore legs any more with the kids around. Not fun when you can barely bend over 5 days out of the week.

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I thought about it (PPL) but It happen that I’ only able to train 2x per week. So maybe an UL…

Could you do 20-30 min workouts 5 days a week?

The problem is not the duration of the sessions, if I train I do it before my day of work, so wake up at 4:45… and if I can sleep 1h more, i do it. So no 5 sessions per week. 3 to maximuuuuum 4 if my boy do all his nights.

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You can maintain all of your muscle if you simply do 4 to 6 exercises per session for 2-4 sets x 6-12 reps. You need NOTHING fancy to simply maintain or even gain some muscle.


Correct, provided that the intensity for each work set is there.


Yes I agree 100% with that, but sometimes it’s also cool when you spice things up a bit (even if it’s not necessary)

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That’s basically CTs “best damn natural” program

Full body push pull split?

No it’s a push pull, but it’s essentially 4 exercises done for 3-4 sets each


Oh, cool. I meant full body push pull as in it’s still hitting upper and lower in same workout (eg, pull-up, deadlift, row).

Yes it is. 3 pull (hams, lats, rhomboid/traps, biceps) and 3 push (quads, chest, shoulders, triceps) each one exercise for 2 preparatory set + 1 to failure or beyond

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Thib categories hamsting/deadlift movements as a “pull” and squats as a “push”

So in workout one you would have something like: DB bench Press, Shoulder Press, Tricep push downs, Front Squat

Then the pull workout would be: 2 back exercises, bicep exercise, stiff legs deads

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