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Full Body High Volume Training


Hey,everyone i want to ask about my next workout routine . My old gym routine is upper and lower body 4 times a week now i have need from something new.

My goals are big glutes,small weist,muscle mass without i look like ,like a boy haha

Full body workout is
Split Squat/Lunge
Cable kick back /Butt blaster machine
Hip trust/glute bridge
Hip abduction
Then i continue with Shouders
Miltary press
Shoulder press
Cable side raises
Front delt raises
Then i continue with back
Barbell row
Chin ups
3 and 4 any row on cable
Chest part
Barbell bench press or dumbell bench press
push ups
Biceps and tricpes

I want to ask can, i do this list of exercises in one day 3 times a week.And i hope its good for my goals .
Thank you :slight_smile: