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Full Body HFT and Hang Cleans Every Day

 I'm trying to build a high frequency training program that will help me get strong while also making sure I can perform my job well and fits around my work schedule. I'm a fire fighter that works 24 hr shifts with limited workout equipment at the station. I'm on a work a day, off a day, work a day, off a day, work one more day, then have four days off schedule. So Its a nine day cycle with three days of work. Every day I work I'm planning on multiple small workouts a day. 

5x5 hang clean and press in the morning, 3x5 hang clean and press in the afternoon with 100 KB swings with 55 lb kettle bell, 3x5 hang clean a press in the evening with core training/conditioning(tire flipping, hammer swings, etc)

There are four gym sessions during the nine day cycle: last day of my four day break, the two off days between my two work days, and first day of four day break. The workouts will be:

3x5 hang clean
2x10 squat
3x5 bench press
3x5 deadlift
2x failure pull ups

Two middle days of the break are for recovery, maybe conditioning or another gym workout. How does this look for a tactical athlete style program? Any suggestions on how to best optimize and structure the gym sessions?

You would probably not be able to recover well from this setup. Take a look at CT’s Look like a bodybuilder perform like an athlete program on here, it is a much better HFT setup.