Full Body Full Boring OHP Question

Im late 30s and after overcoming a rotator cuff impingement earlier this year, I’ve dicked around with routines and made no progress, really.

I’m off to the Med for two weeks and when I get back I’m going on to a year of 531, starting with full body, full boring, I may even stick with for the year, getting way NOV.

I’m supersetting bench with a pull (t bar rows, rear delt raise and maybe rack pulls on each respective bench day), supersetting squats with some arm work, and deads with some ab/core work - all accessory lifts are light.

My question is, should I work in a 531 military press on one of the days? I guess I know Jim will say NO. But would like some thoughts.


I guess I know Jim will say NO. But would like some thoughts.

Well, here is your answer.
I also think this template is designed with no accessory work in mind. Maybe just one (curls or face pulls…) per session.
If you focus on everything, you don’t focus on anything.

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Thanks Zorglub.

Well I wouldn’t drop the pull work from offsetting the push, just for my shoulder health

The arms and core just keep the blood flowing while I’m resting between the main lift sets - tried it today and i didn’t feel it detracted. If I wasn’t feeling it one day I’d drop them without a second thought.

If it works for you, what can I say? :slight_smile:

Now that I think about it : if you want to improve your overhead press, why not completely replace benching with OHP? (If that is compliant with your shoulder health.)

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Ha! Well I’ve only tried it today!

I need to improve everything, and I like the frequency of FBBB. In 12 months time, I just want my numbers to be respectable.

Edit: I suppose I can switch out bench for press every six weeks?

I completely ditched that program so I don’t have much of an opinion. I don’t see why you can’t bench or press though.