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Full Body, Full Boring Beginner

I’m loving the 5/3/1 principles and have been running a 2 day workout for a while (due to work constraints, that’s all the gym time I had). More recently, I ran the beginner routine in the 2nd ed. book; love it.
As is often the case, I go back and reread the Beyond 5/3/1 book. The FBFB routine has grabbed my attention.
You wrote that the volume of deadlifting might be perfect for beginners, but in other threads you are adamant that beginners should not run BBB. Does this apply to FBFB?
Also, I am on the younger side of 40 (barely). I cannot afford a back injury. I’ve been debating replacing the deadlift with the trap bar deadlift. I like the trap bar a lot but it doesn’t seem to work my hamstrings like the straight bar deadlift. I’d be very interested to know your thoughts.

NO NO NO - Full body/Full Boring is a HORRIBLE choice for beginners. Awful.

Trap bar is an awesome substitute. You are picking up something heavy from the ground. Worrying about hamstrings just makes me think you MUST stop with being influenced by BB and instead be influenced by greatness and evolution.

It doesn’t matter.


Thought so. The “beginner” language in the book threw me off.
Thanks for the info on trap bar. And thanks for all the info you provide!