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Full Body Full Boring 2 Days Per Week


Hello All,

I hurt my shoulder several months back and I have recovered to the extent that I can now do benches (close grip) but still need to stay away from the overhead press. With this being the case, I figured I could do the full body full boring template since it doesn't include the overhead press. However, due to life situations (full time school, full time job, new baby), I really only have time to train twice a week. So my question is, could I do the full body full boring template twice a week? And if so, maybe I could add some chins (since I will be doing less volume on the main lifts). Just wondering what Jim or anybody else thinks. Thanks in advance.


There are MUCH better and much more effective 2 day templates. I suggest you try one of those and just not do the press (replace it).


Thanks for your response Jim.


To add in Chins/pull ups - just superset them with any pressing movement. Saves time and I’m sure you need to make your training smart and efficient.


Thanks again!