Full Body for Strength and Mass

21 years
165 pounds 5’10"
lifting for little over year

goal: gain mass and strength with minimal fat gain especially in my posterior chain and upper chest

method: full body workout using different exercises and rep schemes each day, a lot like Waterbury’s routine with minor mods to it

squat- 280 1rm
bench- 215
dl- 390

the routine:
Monday: functional hypertrophy (3 by 6 rep scheme)
incline bb bench press
45 degree bentover bb row
hammer curls
leg press calf
neck bridges (front and back)

Wednesday: hypertrophy
front squat 4 by 8-10 (start at 8, progress to 10, up weight)
dips 4 by 7 (progress by reps at the moment up to 10/set)
chins 4 by 5 (progress by reps up to 8/set)
calf raises 4 by 10

Friday: limit strength
deadlift 3 by 2-3
incline bb bench 3 by 2-3
pull over 3 by 5 (hard to chin or row after dl’s)
bb curls 3 by 3-4
calf raises 3 by 3-4
neck bridges

I figure if i rotate the exercises (i.e. do wed. workout for limit strength for change for example) every 4-6 weeks i’ll be able to make good progress for some time.

I know Waterbury says to do a quad and posterior dominant exercise, but i burn out fast doing that.
I like to save limit strength for friday so i have the whole weekend to recover from it.
Neck bridges are for a thicker neck to avoid pencil neck syndrome (dl’s and squats and rows aren’t doing it for me).
Please let me know where and how this needs tweaked.
And thanx for the input.