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Full Body Failure

I’ve decided to embark on a MWF full body routine using CT’s guidelines about weight training and fat loss. In these he describes shooting for around 4-8 reps, 3 sets, with the failure ocurring in the last set. Now, I know that most of his workouts are body part splits, with occasional upper/lower splits, however, I was wondering if such parameters could be administered in a MWF full body routine in regards to failure.

This is to be a relatively short, relatively low volume workout, with that being said, should it be alright to hit failure on the last sets?

Sure try it.

Many HIT cult followers do 2-3 fullbody to failure sessions a week. They only use one set but do things such as extended sets (drop sets) forced reps etc.

If you simply go to positive muscle failure on one final set it just may be right for you. Only one way to find out.