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Full Body Exercise Order & Neurotype 1A/1B Fit

Military-strength super set pull ups
Front squat- volume super set dips
Dead’s- speed

Military-volume super set pull ups
Front squat- strength super set dips

Military-speed super set pull ups
Front squat- speed super set dips
Dead’s- volume

What is the optimal exercise order and how does this look for my neurotype? I’m split between dead’s and military first. With military first I add weight to the bar nonstop which is badass but dead’s first might be best to activate everything

Two ways of looking at this:

  1. Do the exercise with the highest neurological demands first. If you do it later you might not have enough ressources to perform optimally

  2. By doing the deadlift first you might deplete neurological ressources and the rest of the training will suffer.

If you only had the deadlift then assistance work it’s a no-brainer: do the deadlift first.

If you have other big lifts then it’s more of a grey area. Doing dead first will definetly affect front squat performance by fatiguing the lower back for example.

So to me it’s a matter of which of the lifts is more important to you, and do that one first.

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Good man. Appreciate the response