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Full Body Every Single Day Progress Log


Been doing a full upper body routine every single day for about a month now. At the same time, I started drinking a mass gainer.

I’ve gone from 175 pounds to 192 pounds in a month, while staying at relatively similar body fat levels. I’m 6 feet tall so I’m still rather lanky.

What my current routine looks like:

Machine Incline Press 6x10
Pull ups 6x10

Dips 4x10
Seated cable row 4x10

Side laterals 4x10

Sometimes, I’ll do 1 set of biceps and triceps but I don’t do it often cus it makes my arms get cranky and I feel it impede my recovery.

After a month of this, I’m adding in legs now.

Some changes: I’m changing up pull ups for lat pull-downs because the 17 pound weight gain is making it hard for me to do all 10 pull ups in a row after the first set. So yeah.

Also, the reason i’m using a lot of machines is because it’s wayy easier on my joints and I can’t recover very well If I use only compounds.

For those saying I’m over training. I haven’t gotten weaker, In FACT, I’ve gotten stronger and made progress in all my lifts.

So yeah. Will report everyday

Made progress in all your lifts except chin ups you mean?

Don’t get me wrong, you should train how you want to train. But from an outside perspective reading what you wrote it goes like this…

I’ve got enough time to train everyday but chose not to train legs (yes your adding it now but how? Dropping an upper day? Legs every day?)

What I’m doing is causing me joint pain, but don’t tell me I’m doing anything wrong because I’m making progress.

I’ve gained mostly muscle but can’t lift my own weight as well any more.

That’s basically what you have just wrote, now I’m not sure your looking for any advice but it may be an idea to rethink what your doing as there are hundreds of better ways. But if you wanna keep doing it go for it.


Did you read the title? “Full Body Everyday” yes that means legs too :wink:

Where did I say I had joint pain? lol

Where did I say I got worse at pull ups? lol. I got better at them despite the 17 pound weight gain.

I’m not really looking for advice. I’m looking to show people that their bodies are capable of more than they think.

I’ve been doing, essentially, 10x10 everyday on the upper body meanwhile people that usually do 10x10 do it once a week.

The more volume and stress you subject your body to that in can recover from, the better your gains will be.

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-You wrote “the 17 pound weight gain is making it hard for me to do all 10 pull ups in a row after the first set” how are you stronger?

-You wrote “i’m using a lot of machines is because it’s wayy easier on my joints and I can’t recover very well If I use only compounds.” so, you must have experienced joint pain.

-“Did you read the title? “Full Body Everyday” yes that means legs too” You are just going to start training legs so , you have not been doing full body training everyday.


If you had been doing legs you wouldn’t need to add legs after a month. Yes I read the title.

You said your switching to lat pull down because your struggling to get the reps with the pull ups due to your weight gain. How does that equate to being better at them?

You mention using machines because it’s easier on your joints and you can’t recover from compounds.

Are you @mmamachine?

Thanks @xXSeraphimXx thought something different was coming up on my screen!

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apart from getting fat and still being able to do pull ups


this is a fun thread so far!


progress pics of the 17lb weight difference?

I dont have any before pics but this is what I look like now at 192:

Ive been training for about 8 months now but it was always for sports so I did mostly legs and back rarely chest however I havent hit legs for 3 months till today

Gained 17 pounds this month and my body fat percentage increased by maybe 2-3%

You guys don’t understand though. Before This ridiculously fast weight gain, I didn’t even look like I lifted.

Only when people looked at my legs did they ask if I did weight training. I got tired of that, said fuck it, and started lifting every day.

Fuck the ignorant bastards that say it can’t be done. This thread will be a testament to the bodybuilding norms.

Today’s routine:

Squats: 3x10 95 (takeing it easy so I don’t get super sore and worn out)
Leg curl: 1x10 75

Lat Pulldown: 6x10 120
Machine Incline: 6x10 90

Seated Cable Row: 2x10 130, 2x10 115
Dips: 4x10 bw

Machine Side Laterals: 4x10 75

I’m trying to use enough weight were I can just take 30-45 second rests cus I don’t want to be 2 hours in the gym.

It is good you are training, keep at it but, you do not look like you train yet.


Come on, yes he does. He’s not been at it long, but I can tell he trains.

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I’d be pissed if you tagged funniest thread to my log.

What hes doing can work as an early novice. Hell, it may be the best approach to accelerate the process. Watch and learn something (good or bad).

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Well, we’ve all seen this kind of thing before


I appreciate you sticking up for me buddy.

But no sweat, a lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.

I’m making progressive overload every single day. Whether that’s doing more reps, more sets, or more weight, I’m stressing my body a tiny bit more each day and it’s recovering fine.

My goal is to show people what’s possible. To show them that you can do this for the long term and no you don’t have to be on steroids or be a genetic freak.

We walk every single day and we don’t need to rest. Exercise is the same thing except obviously more stressful. But if you can condition your body to handle that stress day in, day out, you will make faster gains because you’re doing more work.

At the end of the day, more work = more gains.

Squat: 4x10 95 extra set
Leg Curl: 2x10 75 extra set

Machine Incline: 7x10 90 extra set
Lat Pulldown: 2x10 120, 4x10 135 +15 pounds

Dips: 4x10 bw
Seated Cable Row: 4x10 120

Machine Side Laterals: 4x10 90 +15 pounds

Right now, my focus is on getting a bigger upper chest, wider back, and wider delts.

The one drawback of working out every single day is, since your volume and intensity have to be carefully applied, you can’t be trying to do too many things at the same time.

You have to pick 1 exercise per muscle and focus on progressively overloading that. If you try to progress on all the exercises for that muscle you won’t recover properly.

Shit like this will get you dogged here. Please, do not try to be a cliche. Especially when you have such minimal training experience.

This happens when you are a beginner. You can run any shit program you want and make progress. That’s why you’ve gotten bigger and somewhat stronger on the movements you do.

You can’t talk like this yet. Maybe after two decades you can talk, but not today.

This is probably the worst part of your post. Comparing weight training to walking makes zero sense. I do agree you can condition your body to handle more work load, but when you’re only squatting 95 for a couples of sets of 10, with absolutely no experience, you can’t make huge claims like you have.

Good luck man. I think it’s great you’ve decided to start training, but calm down a bit on the ideaology you’re spewing for now.



The first 2 months in the gym I was squatting 245x5 doing 5x5 SL. Did you read the part where I said i havent done legs in 3 months?

I’ve also gone from trap bar deadlift 315 for reps to maxing out at 495 in 9 days by literally maxing out every day. I’d go to the gym warm up, and hit a new pr on the trap bar.

So I’m not a complete begginer. Ive been training for 8 months. I can no longer simply add weight to the bar at will.

Also, don’t police me on what I should and should not say. I don’t come to your threads and tell you how to act.

How do you go from squatting 245 for 5 to 95 for 10 in 3 months? Also, how do you pull 495 on a trap bar and not squat AT LEAST 135 on your 10 sets? 8 months is a beginner bro. And I’ll bet at all your current lifts, ou could add weight every week. That makes you a beginner.

You’re on a public Internet forum and decided to post ignorant shit. I’ll say what I want.


I’m glad you did. I clicked “Yes, abandon.” on my strikingly similar post because I had a feeling the message would fall on deaf ears.


Bored at work at the moment. Figured I’d stir the ole pot for bit. @khangles GIF me up please


We have seen this movie before. I do not anticipate this going well.