Full Body EOD Base Training

Coach / wise folks here - some suggestions on a fantastic full body every other day routine?

For some reason, maybe it’s age (ripe old age of 30? wtf…) I can’t seem to train intensely daily anymore. Gone are the days of push/pull/legs/push/pull/legs…and I suspect those daily workouts were more to satisfy my cravings for the gym (and pre-workout rush) than being optimally condusicve for growth.

It appears to me that full body EOD may actually produce the LARGEST gains (definitely adjusted for time spent in gym).

Would appreciate any thoughts here. CT’s fastest way to get jacked full body program (thib army) comes to mind - though on the “between days” I’m trying to guage what my body can tolerate (& thrive) on…without it just turning into full body every day (built for battle).

My initial thought is something like this:
Pick 3-5 compound exercises and go through them circuit style (like built for battle)
Last “circuit” or round should have a muscle cluster/concentrated volume (maybe for 1-2 big movmements, or all of them).
And then finish off with assistance (myo reps)

The actual rep scheme - something like 8/6/4/2 or 5/5/5/ [3 sets] or 5/5/5/5/5 [5x5], or 5/3/1 (wendler), etc. Keep things novel fresh, and also benefiting from work across intensity zones.

On off days maybe do some chinups or sprints. Or just rest & eat.

I’m really thinking this sort of style is really good for CNS/health. Pushing daily for years on end can do something to you (especially as you age). Or maybe just need to adjust lifestyle/stress. Thanks coach!

If you naturally gravitate towards something like push/pull/legs/push/pull/legs, why not keep it, but reduce volume and/or intensity? Or, maybe you have and not gotten the results you’re after?

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