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Full Body Design, Based on 'Total Body Training'


Hi all,

Been using the following template called Total Body Training by Chad ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=508031 ) to design a full body workout... does it look OK to you chaps?

A: Squats, DB Shoulder Press, Chins, Bench, Cable lat raise, Hammer curls superset.
B: Deadlifts, Military Press, BB BOR, Incline Bench, Cable Upright Row, Triceps Pushdown.

Basically the template said 4 of the 6 must be compound, then you can add in 2 isolation at the end, and that's essentially what I've done. My query really is though, I'm especially keen to bulk up my shoulders, so would having one vertical push AND one lateral delt isolation (cable raise or URR) per FB be overtraining the shoulders, thus preventing growth? Or does this look ok?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Based on your questions, you are completely new to this whole thing. So any half-baked program with enough quality food will serve you well.


hey paulinho,

i've been doing CW's TBT and just started week 5 yesterday. wow 18 rep sets are fun..NOT! but to answer your question, i don't think iso movements like side lateral raises/urr's (or most iso work in general),

Especially done lighter and with super strict form is very demanding on the cns and therefore wont put you in any danger of over training if included in with the compound presses.

i may do the same thing as i've been feeling like my delts can use a little priority attention. i'll probably do those instead of the tricep iso stuff i've been doing.


... also, I was thinking of incorporating Face Pulls into the FB somehow, as they work the upper back and rear delts I'm told. At the moment, I'm thinking of trying them in FB A, so Squats, DB Shoulder press, Chins, Bench, Face Pulls, Cable Lat Raises. Any more comments?


yes..try them all. CW highly suggests that you continually rotate your exercises so try them and see how they feel. this is why i like to keep a training journal. i'd try exercises and not like them then want to try them again later on and forget why i didn't like them.