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Full Body Cryotherapy?

Anyone tired the “stand naked/liquid nitrogen” full body cryotherapy? If so, why and what was your experience like? I am considering purchasing a handful of sessions as it seem I have tendonitis, aches and pain almost head to toe nowadays and this sounds like an effiecient means of addressing the whole body.


I have. Did it once and never went back. For me it was not pleasant. My wife had gone in first and the machine basically went from room temp to minus whatever they set it at. So when I stepped it, was already freaking cold. They they make your spin around slowly during the process. I can’t remember why, but they do. Now I’m not a big guy but my shoulders are pretty wide and I kept bumping into sides which wasn’t comfortable. Did I mention that you go in your undies?

Anyway after it was all over, I did feel pretty “hyped” or pumped up and it lasted a while but considering the cost, the moderate inconvenience, and the uncomfortableness of it, we didn’t go back.

Did you have a injury issue you were looking to address with this or just general maintainence? Thanks for sharing your opinion.

I did the 4 day session at the beginning of the year…it was a little rush, you can feel the endorphins being released when you get out

I enjoyed it

You will not be naked, they give you shorts, socks and gloves to wear

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Just try it out. A gym buddy was talking about it so I decided to check it out.

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Tried it once. I don’t think it did anything. Prefer ice bath. I feel there is more benefit there as you can be in for a longer duration. I’m sure they will tell you different at the cryo place but I feel it’s not worth the money. If you are gonna try it I would just get one session so if you don’t feel benefit you aren’t committed to more no benefit.

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What’s the best way to proceed with an ice bath…I tried it once and have a hard time lowering myself into the freezing water

I had trouble as well getting in. What I did was just use all cold water in the bath with no ice. Get in and hang out. Once you good with that do the same thing but add the ice while your already in. It’s way less of a shock. You. An continue doing it tha way or put the ice in first and go for it. I doubt there is any benefit to completely shocking your system.

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I like that idea, thanks

This is quality feedback and advice. Thanks for the solid post.