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Full Body Concurrent + Conjugate Method

Because of some very bad habits, I’ve let myself really go and I’m now soft, scrawny, and weak as a kitten. Following is the plan to fix that.

I enjoy technical lifts, lifting heavy, and lifting with speed/power and I’ve had better luck training like this to grow muscle than I have traditional BB methods which btw bore me to tears. Hence the methodologies chosen.

*Snatch variation every gym session
*ME upper or lower w/ DE the method not chosen for ME for one session split up by a heavy RE day, then vice versa the first day
*light upper back every day
*after the primary lift, a light (not easy)
*use higher %'s for DE work than in the past since I’m basically a newb again. Prilepin’s table using 70-85% will be about right. No need for accommodating resistance for some time.
*Plyos blur the line between working sets and warm up. I should feel fresh and energized after doing them.
*band pull aparts every session, again blur the line between working set and warm up. Use a different variation each session.

Example Microcycle:

*Session 1
Knee to Standing Jumps 5x5 alternating sets with
Bosu Ball Plyo Push Ups 5x5
Band Pull Aparts
Hang Snatch
ME High Bar Box Squat- Work up to 1-3 reps RPE 9-10 then cut 10% and do a couple or so doubles
Leg Press- 5x15
DE Bench 5x6 @ 60%
Feet Elevated Push Ups
Chin/Pull Up variation

*Session 2
Low Impact Plyos
Band Pull Apart
Snatch Variation
RE Good Mornings
Band Walking + Squats
Incline DB BP
Back Supported Cable Press
Paused Lat Pull Down BTN

*Session 3
Low Impact Plyos
Band Pull Apart
Snatch Variation
DE Box Squats- 5x5 @ 60%
Leg Press 3x10
BB BP 1-3 reps 9-10 RPE, drop 10% for a couple or so doubles
Incline Back Supported Cable Press
Chin/Pull Up Variation

Session 2


Session 3

Session 2

Session 1

Looks pretty cool.

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Thx. I get bored easily so it helps me to include a variety of training modals and doing things kind of like this is what’s always brought me the best results.

1/30/19 Wednesday

Warm Up +
2x15 band pull aparts
2x5 sets push up plyos
2x5 sets kneel to standing jumps
*will be working on increasing volume slowly over the weeks and months on this

Hang Snatch
*more than a warm up… light working sets I guess you could call it. Mostly working on speed and technique.

Good Mornings
135x5, 160x5, 185x5, 2x135x5
*was initially getting too far back on my heels. focusing on ‘pinching the ground’ with my heels and toes helped a ton.
Light Band Assisted Natural Quad Raise
*first time doing these, awsome stretch in my quads unlike any other exercise

BB Incline BP
95x5, 2x115x5, 105x5, 95x5
*need to pull the elbows in more. I only got it right on my last two sets.
Neutral Grip Cable Bench Press
BTN Lat Pull Down
Machine Curls

Okay, been sticking to the plan but I haven’t been recording. Not good, need to fix that. The recorded session is the first act to rectify that.

Forgot about plyos today on accident.

Hang Snatches
-these reps just get faster, prettier, and easier. progress is coming fast here.

High Bar Just Below Parallel Box Squat
185x8 RPE 9

Incline BB BP
115x7 RPE 9

Did some Light Band Assisted Dips and Light Band Assisted Natural Quad Raises

Cable Neutral and Wide Grip Rows w/ Pause
-doing these to learn how to set my scapulae properly when benching and to strengthen those muscles and that position

Thursday 02/14/2019

*dropping the plyos before the other b/c it’s just too much. I have to give them the same respect I give to other exercises and it just isn’t something I want to prioritize atm.

Power Hang Snatch from Knees
-wow, these were not hard at all. Very fluid and explosive. I’m bumping up the weight and going back to 5x2 next time.

Vanilla Goodmorning
*I think i would’ve been good for 265x3 but I had already accumulated a bit of volume so I didn’t want to overdo it

Flat Bench Multiple Grips
*emphasis on technique and maintaining bar speed while keeping rest no more than 60s

Leg Ext
*tried a freeweight loaded machine I hadn’t before and really liked it.

Neutral Grip Incline DB BP

Wide Neutral Grip Cable Rows

EZ Bar Curls

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*still felt sore and a tad flat from Thursday so I cut out some of the exercises

Power Snatch
60s between sets

Manta Ray Squat w/ Elevated Heels

Seated Shoulder BB Press

Machine Chest Supported Row

Great work Fletch keep it up. Also on the side note, I understand the feeling of letting our selves go and feeling weak.

Yeah, it is kind of rough. On the other hand all those, “If I had a chance to do things over again from the beginning I’d _____” I can do now since I’m basically newb all over again haha.

Tuesday 02/19/2019

Power Hang Snatch
I want these reps zippier and cleaner before I do any other kind of progression

‘DE’ Squats
155x5x5 60s rest
lost some speed on that last set, but all reps were technically clean

‘ME’ Floor Press
155x3 RPE 8-9

Leg extensions
supersetted w/
Narrow grip push ups

great work, how long have you been following the Conjugate method?


Between 8-9 years. There’s some times where I broke that timeline up to try other things, but for the most part it’s been heavily influenced by Westside BB methods.

Thursday 02/21/2019

Power Snatches
135x8x1 EMOM
A lot cleaner than last time. I’ll clean it up just a little more before bumping up volume or weight.

Manta Ray Heel Raised Oly Style Squat
1rep and 10lb PR over last time!

Incline BB BP
2 rep PR!

Seated Chest Supported Machine Row

EZ Bar Curls

Great work and i find power snatches take a lot out of me

Tuesday 02/26/2019

Hang Snatches
115x5x2 EMOM
These were fairly clean reps. I’ll make them zippier and faster before any other progression.

Manta Ray Narrow Stance Box Squat
I can actually strain against the weight now!

Bench Press
115x6x5 EMOM
I’ll up the weight and increase rest next time

Leg Curls

face pull/push down/curl tri-set

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Thursday 02/28/2019

Power Snatches
135x10x1 EMOM
These were practically levitating up. Form was clean. Bumping the weight up by 5lb next time.

Leg Press w/ Light Bands
160x16 RPE 10
*next time I’ll take an additional set to failure

Incline BB BP
135x6 this was a good strain

machine row
EZ bar Curls
EZ bar Rolling Extensions

Looks like another fun session :slight_smile:

Monday 02/05/2019

Hang Snatches
115x5x2 EMOM
-reps were faster and i could catch the bar in a much shallower stance than last time
-I’ll try to add rep to the 1st two sets next time

Vanilla Box Squat
155x5x5 60s rest before setting up again
No speed drop off on any sets

Vanilla Bench Press

Leg Ext.
Face Pulls
Cable Rope Tri Pushdowns
Cable Rope Curls

I need to manage lower body fatigue better, especially for the ‘DE’ squats. I feel ready to do Westside BB style DE for squats so that will decrease volume and develop explosiveness better.

Thursday 03/07/2019

Power Snatch
140x8x1 EMOM
-I need to clean these up a little before progressing. Namely, keeping the bar close to my body and not bending the arms until full extension. But explosiveness was really good.

Oly Style Manta Ray Squat
185x9 10lb and 1 rep PR
-I need to keep my upper back rigid. The loose upper back is causing the weight to get a little forward on these and my box squat. Cuing fixes the problem so I don’t think this is a muscle weakness. It’s just something I need to practice and be more aware.

BB Incline BP
135x8 2 rep PR
-not only was this a rep PR, but the bar just felt a lot lighter in my hands

diverging rows
db standing curls
db rolling tri. ext.

My hams were still sore going into this session my quads were already pretty well hammered by the squats in this session so I opted out of doing any assistance for the lower body.

thursday looked like a fun session

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