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Full Body Beginner: Swapping OHP and Bench


Just curious to know. The full body (beginner) template calls for BP once 5/3/1 and then again (on a different day) using lighter weight. Is there any particular reason why BP is done more frequently than OHP? Could the 2 BP sessions be swapped with OHP?
I haven't been lifting vey long so please excuse my ignorance. I have read past articles from Jim Wendler (and others) extolling the OHP as engaging more muscles than the BP.


It does not really matter. Do more the one you need/like more (for your sport/goals).

If you don't compete in PL, it is perfectly fine to have press emphasis. OHP has been my main pressing movement for months now.


Thanks for the comment. I will run the beginner template as written and see. I've mapped out 12 weeks already and don't really want to play on Excel any more!
I'm excited to try this program.


You'll enjoy it. I'm in my first cycle after a couple of years of my own training. It's really good. You go in, do your work and get out.


Yes, you can swap it out.