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Full Body BBB Help

Good evening, I’m not a native English speaker, so I apologize in advance for my poor language.
I’m confused about how to understand the log of the Full body BBB; actually, at page 51, we find the words “Main work, 5’ s Pro”.
How do u interpret this?
Is the 5’s pro indication pointing just to 5 series of ten reps at 40/60 percent?
Thx for anyone who will help.

I’m not familiar with that particular template, but in general 5s PRO refers to your main 531 sets, not your supplemental or assistance. It means you would do sets of 5 with the percentage given for all your main work, before doing your supplemental BBB sets.

I’d read it as shorthand for “Use 5s for the main work” so a Monday might look like:

Deadlift: 5 @ 70%; 5 @ 80%; 5 @ 90%
Bench: 5x10 @ 50%

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I was pleasantly surprised to see this template in the book as I used to train using a similar main lift set up following the encyclopedia of bodybuilding and Arnold’s Programming. Always found doing deadlift before benching really helped shake the rust off bench muscles, but I also never had issues recovering from deadlifts (squats on the other hand). Most might have to work up to this. There really is something for everyone and every training style in this book. 5’s Pro is talked about in a few articles on this site.

Many thx, i think you are right.
Thanks to anyone who tried to answer too, my best regards.