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Full Body Advice



I used WS4SB for a long time with great results, and I like the Upper/Lower Split very much, but I want to try something new...I think my body tells me the time has come to change something.

First I tried this one every other day:

Squat (Full Rom)
Military Press

3sets with 8-10reps

I noticed that I want regular Deadlifts in my workout and that the Bench decreases my Military Press too much.

I went to this one:


Military Press

I did 3sets and changed the reps from workout to workout:
T1 9reps
T2 6reps
T1 3reps
T2 9reps...

...Im not really sure how to organize my workout routine...I dont want to go on a strict hypertrophy routine with >8reps.

But first it would be great if u could help me to chose the right excercises in the right order.

Hope you can help me a bit. thanks


Why do you want to change something? Are you not seeing results? How long have your lifts been stagnant (if so)? What are your goals? It looks like you've posted in many different areas from what I can tell. Have you checked out the beginners forum?

Lots of questions - you'll want to provide more information if you want serious feedback IMO.




Full body workout...interesting definition


yeah cause that makes sense.

"What I'm doing is working great and I really like it... but I want to do something different"



Can you elaborate on great results? How tall are you, how much weight did you put on and what are your current lifts?