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Full Body 85% Exercise Order

so I have 531 forever I’m intrested in running the fullbody 85% template pg 131 for those that have the book . Without giving away too much I’m just wondering about about the main lifts order so it has. main squat/bench,
deadlift/main ohp
squat/main bench
main deadlift/ ohp

My only concern is wouldnt main ohp effect the main bench since its only 1 day apart also has anyone ran full body 4 days this way how was it? I know some other templates in the book also have this format.

If you’ve chosen the correct training maxes you will be fine.

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Ah ok makes sence I think I’m going to start with and 80% training max even though the book says 85%. just going by the starting too light is never a bad thing quote.

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Coffinworm was similar, yes there can be an effect but I felt working out like that just made me stronger overall.

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I see you are right and coffinworm has way more main lift volume than this one. I’ve seen a couple of threads on here running that template . So I should be fine with this set up with a good tm as mr.v3lv3t mentioned above thx.