Full Body 4Day/Week Variation - Questions

this will be my first time trying 5/3/1. I am quite familiar with high frequency (been training for almost a year this way) and after reading 5/3/1 books i designed this a franken 5/3/1 programm and i would like you guys to tell me your opinion whether the accessory movements will burn me out or not.

Hopefully I think the volume would be sufficient in order to achieve some muscle gains and the 5/3/1 would be more than enough to elicit some new strength gains! I m also thinking of incorporating 30minute walks in the off days or some KBswings(53lbs./24kg.).

I would also like to know your opinion on what kind of progression should i try to achieve in the accessory moves. Do you think i m overdoing the accessory?

-day1-full body
squat (65%x5, 75%X5, 85%x5)
deadlift 5/3/1
A1 dips 5X10
A2 preacher curls 5x10
B1 tricep pushdown 5x10
B2 seated cald raises 5x10


-day3-full body
squat (65%x5, 75%X5, 85%x5)
bench press 5/3/1
A1 Chin ups 5x8
A2 skullcrushers 5x15
B1 BB curls 5x8
B2 donkey calf raises 5x15


squat 5/3/1
A1 romanian deadlift 5x15
A2 split squat 5x15
B1 leg curl 5x8
B2 standing cald raises 5x8

Press 5/3/1
A1 DB press 5x8
A2 DB row 5x8
B1 pull ups 5x8
B2 tricep pushdowns 5x8
C1 cable curls 5x8
C2 lateral raises 5x8

If you’re new to 5/3/1, why not use a tried and tested template? You’re trying to do tricks on a bike before you’re sure you can ride it.

I have to agree with Dagill. Do any of the 4-day a week options first since you like higher frequency training. Do it exactly as written for at least 12 weeks so that you understand the program. Remember this:

-5/3/1 is based on the squat, bench, deadlift, and press. These 4 lifts along with MINIMAL assistance work will make you bigger and stronger if the proper effort is given to each lift. Push your last sets HARD, and you will understand what I mean.

-If you are able to do your template above, you are obviously not giving enough effort on the main sets. The main sets are what the entire program is based on, NOT assistance work. Assistance work does not make the program, it only compliments it.

What are your max lifts currently? Which 5/3/1 books do you have?

I see your point. I have the 531 2nd edition and the beyond 531. Been training for a year now and my bench is 280lbs. My squat 330lbs. and my deadlift 430lbs.

OK. Your maxes are definitely high enough to illicit plenty of effort to grow and get stronger. If you must train 4 days a week, try this

-One lift per day
-Push your last set hard
-Do some FSL sets per whatever FSL template from ‘Beyond 5/3/1’ you choose
-Do 1 or 2 “smaller” assistance movements for balance and call it a day.

It won’t look like much on paper, but that is the beauty of the program. Simple and effective. Good luck.

I would never recommend this template. If you feel assistance work is imperative and much more important than the main lifts, I cannot change your mind. I recommend you follow one of the almost 100 PROVEN templates.

Thank you all for your answers!you made me understand that i was giving too much emphasis on assistance! Now, if i need to workout 4 times a week in a full body manner, what should i do? Should I have everyday a squat(5/3/1 or assistance),a push(bench5/3/1, press5/3/1, assistance)and a pull(deadlift5/3/1 or assistance)? Or is it gonna be an overkill(2consecutive days no rest)? What kind of progression should i seek in the assstance?when do you think is the best time to incorporate some walking?or some metabollic conditioning work(53lbs. KB swings or track sprints)?thanks in advance gentlemen.

When using 5/3/1 I would not train full-body 4 days a week. Jim wrote it as a three day program for a reason. It’s not like he just threw it out there and would later say “Yeah, so I wrote this kind of OK program for the book, but if you REALLY want to see gains, do it four days a week.”

The programs in the book are tested and proven to work, not just half-assed theories. Use the full-body program on page 43 of the Beyond book, and work hard. I think you will find that it’s plenty of volume if you push your last set hard. If you are starving for volume and recovering extremely well after 6 solid weeks, throw in a joker set when you feel good.

Remember that you can do extra work for balance like band-pull aparts or curls at the end of each session if you feel the need. Don’t forget your chins in between the sets of the main movements.