Full body 3x per week incorporating Strongman lifts

I recently picked up a Titan log bar and am looking for the best way to add some strongman stuff to my training while keeping with the 531 principles. I’m not looking to be the next World’s Strongest Man (I’m late 30s and nowhere near competitive) but training the events is fun. I’ve run Wendler’s program for several years and love the flexibility. I still need to buy a copy of Forever.

Here’s the options I had in mind:
Option 1: full body, 3x per week roughly based on 531 Beyond full body. This option lets me add in front squats to help with other strongman movements, I don’t do them regularly now. (Chins and rows keep my shoulders happy)

Front squat 5s pro, fsl 5x5
Bench Press 531 w/ rep PRs, fsl 5x5
chins 5x5 (superset with Bench)
Row 5x10

OHP 531 w/ Rep PRs, fsl 5x5
Deadlift 531 w/ Rep PRs, fsl 3x5 with axle bar
chins 5x5 (superset with OHP)
row 5x10

Squat 531 w/ rep PRs
Log Press 5s pro, fsl 5x5 (higher volume to improve technique)
chins 5x5 (superset with Log press)
row 5x10

Option 2: Keep my current 4/day per week, but just use the Log press as supplemental to the OHP instead of fsl 5x5. (Possibly also switch my bench press assistance to incline bench)

Conditioning either way stays 2-3 times per week with carries, tire drags, heavy sandbag work, Airdyne or running.

Note: I prioritize my presses before lower body as they are my weaker lifts; squat and deadlift come naturally, but pressing progress is slow with my long arms. It doesn’t impact my lower body work nearly as much as the reverse.

Am I way off? I’ll probably give both a shot over the next few cycles, but I’d love to get Jim’s input.

I think all options are ok. You should chose the one you like OR cycle them all.