Full Body 17 Questions

So after jumping between a few leader programs and finally being honest with myself I’ve come to realize lifting 3x a week is all I can fit and have just about finished the first leader of full body 17. I’m loving it so far taking it easy on the assistance since the widowmakers are killer. Took it easy on the conditioning too. My recover is on point getting 7-9 hours of sleep and eating a good amount. This program is just awesome and I hate full body work.
I have a few questions:
Would switching out the press for bench on the second workout be approved for the next leader or should I just keep the press in?

Would you count jump rope as easy or harder conditioning?

And finally would plate raises be a easy enough assistance to toy around with one of the days in place of pushdowns?

Am I over thinking this shit? Also any suggestions on what anchor to follow this up with I was thinking full body anchor 2?