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Full Body (1000% Awesome) Excel/Google Doc/Spreadsheet Help

I am pretty new to Jim’s Programs and picked up the Forever book first. I am having trouble with calculating things. I want to know if anyone had a Spreadsheet of some sort to help with calculating at certain percentages. Thanks in advanced.

I ran 531 for a while off a phone google doc. All I really did was keep the TM at the top and plug the % calcs down below in a line. As you adjust the TM moving forward it shouldn’t require much maintenance.

Squat - 405
Dead - 405
Bench - 405
Press - 405

Then a row for Squat (set 1% set 2% set3% etc) rinse/repeat for each compound. When I did it I just included multiple rows for each week.

On the “app store” on your phone, search “531”. Download the app with the 531 in big red letters. Just enter your TM’s and it will do the rest for you, and it’s easy to bring along to the gym. As pfury says, making your own spreadsheet is also an option.

Calculator. Paper. Pen. Take photo.

How hard does this need to be?