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Full-Body 1000% Awesome: Changing ABAABA Setup?

Hi all,
As a lifter of the senior vintage (48), I’ve been re-reading my copy of 531 Forever and like the look of the 1000% Awesome routine. Full-body and with a strong conditioning component to it.
However, having just done nearly 5 months of squatting and no deadlifting, I need a change of focus and I’m placing trap bar deads at the centre of my routine. 1000% has an ABAABA set-up; is ABAB–ie, alternating deads and squats–feasible? Or squatting once a week and deadlifting twice (I’ve always felt the trap bar to be easier on my recovery)?


Addendum: I should have said the above refers to the Anchor.

I think you will find that recovering from squats and deadlifts, particularly multiple of either, during the week is quite difficult to recover from. That being said, all people are different and weight/volume certainly play a factor too. I think there is little harm in attempting deadlifts (because you need to gain/regain deadlift strength) 2x per week with a squat session in between the two.

If you find that you aren’t making much progress with this method (i know that I couldn’t), then i would suggest reducing squats and deadlifts to only once per week. Depending on what weights you are lifting, you may need even more time to recover - I find that heavy deadlifting interferes with the rest of my week’s squat numbers, so I have to alternate heavy deadlifting and heavy squatting on different weeks.

After posting I just thought, “There are too many factors to make this a legitimate question.” Try and see being the only answer.
I’ve come off a 20-rep squat cycle and returned to 531 (Morning Star) after a 3-year hiatus from 531 for a 2 Leader/1 Anchor cycle. So I’m probably too enthusiastic to be deadlifting so frequently. But is this something anyone’s tried in any of the other routines? I wouldn’t try this with conventional or sumo style, but the trap bar seems to be less draining then other variations. But it’s a challenge: trap bars twice a week with only 1 set in the Anchor being a PR set seems workable. I’m wary of messing around with programs that have been tried and tested.

If you replace the word “squat” with the words “trap bar deadlift” under the FRIDAY column of the program, I’d say yeah that’s fine go do that. If you snap in half, we’ve never met and I don’t know what you’re talking about and I want my lawyer.

Ha! Agreed. That’s actually what I’ve done.
I’m actually enthused about the workout. I hit a sumo PR of 570lbs in my late 20s, but have come nowhere near it since (I’m nearing 50!).
I’m wary of messing about with anyone’s recommendations, but, equally, am very aware that the programs listed online or in books are somewhat “generalised” and non-specific to the individual.
From past experience I “think” this will work. Really, I’m squatted out! 20-rep squats for two months followed by a two Leader/one Anchor of the Morning Star. This is doable but the trap bar is the mystery.

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Hey there, this is my first post here and I’m actually about to create my first thread with a different question and have never been on 531 before so take what I say with a pinch of salt as it may not be relevant to you.

I should start by saying I squat twice a week on top of this. I switched from deadlifts to trap bar deadlifts (once a week) just over a month ago and despite maxing out all of those sessions I still felt awesome the next day and felt that if I wanted too I could have done a whole bunch of back-off sets. I opted for doing RDLs on a second deadlift day instead to make up for the little less hamstring/glute/posterior chain action and was having great progress (DL went up every week). With that said I thought I could be missing out on some potential trap bar gains by not doing any higher rep sets so the past 2 weeks i’ve done 3x10 trap bar deadlifts on my second deadlift day. I did feel maybe a little weaker in my squat which I didn’t feel when I was doing the RDLs and I would put that down to the extra quad activation in the trap bar deads.

I’m going to continue with trap bar deads 2x a week for a couple more weeks but I’m actually thinking that keeping the RDLs there may be more balanced and repping out a couple of higher rep sets on the same day as the heavy ones might be the best way to attack it. I’m sure i won’t go quite as heavy as I might if there was a second dedicated day but I believe it’ll be a quick and easy way to get a little extra volume in (and I guess not terribly dissimilar to when people do 5/3/1 BBB with the same lift on the same day).

You’re probably a lot stronger than me so your experiences may be different but all I can really say is I love the trap bar deadlift.