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Full Body 1000 Awesome - Assistance Work Circuit?

In the Full Body 1000 Awesome Routine, can you circuit the assistance work at the end?

Also, I know in the BBB routine he recommends not doing dips and other activities for the assistance work, I didn’t see anything mentioned about recommendations for the Full Body one?

I’ve run that program, and it has a lot of fairly heavy pressing. I personally had to limit the push assistance, especially during the leader. I’m normally a fan of doing fairly heavy weighted dips (I can do 5x8-10with 100 pounds added without struggling), but on that program I just did a few body weight dips one day and push ups and front raises the other two. You’re already pressing heavy ish 3 days a week, you shouldn’t need a bunch of extra pushing. If you can handle it go ahead but you probably won’t need much.

I was thinking the same thing. Did you superset your assistance workouts Push/Pull/Core?

Also, did you like the routine?

I loved the program. I tried to superset everything to get through the workouts quicker. I did like face pulls between sets of squats, then chins or rows between my pressing sets. Then I’d superset whatever was left as the end:push and single leg/core stuff. It’s an excellent program to push conditioning and still get stronger.