Full Beta-7 Dosage Needed?

I was curious to know if in order to take full advantage of BETA-7 that one would have to take the 6 pills a day. I’m a poor college student and can’t afford to buy multiple bottles for a month. Any experiences or comments would be appreciated, as I really wanna try this stuff

180 tablets / 6 tablets per day = 30 days

One bottle lasts a month.

I have used both the full dosage and half. I have gotten better results of course with the 6 a day, but do still get results with half doses as well.

I believe Dr. Stout stated that after a set amount of time you could decrease the dose to three a day and be fine, depending on your goals.

I am currently on three a day and cycle back on to the full dose about 4-6 weeks out from a powerlifting meet.

Hope that helps


I think it was 4 weeks for loading at 6g/d, then 4g/d thereafter (blanket recommendation for 150-200lb males). As with protein, creatine, BCAAs, the higher the workload and fitness level, the more that can be used before results stop increasing. I am around 170 and use up to 10g/d at the most, but most of the time at 6g/d.