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Full Arm Cast Rehab

Hey guys, in January 2011 I was put in a full arm cast for a month to heal my wrist, taken off and told to strech my wrist (not shoulder, it was a wrist issue in the first place). I had to get surgery on that wrist in June and was in a full arm cast/splint for about 2 months and after getting it off told to stretch my wrist again. Now it has been about 5 months since my full arm cast came off the second time, and I have should pain/discomfort in the front of my shoulder vertically above my armpit (right on the knobby bone thing) and around my clavicle near my shoulder when i am just standing doing nothing.

It does not hurt if I let my shoulders roll forward (slouched over), only when I try to stand with decent posture. When I row my arm back I can feel a muscle (rear delt maybe? around that area) “snap”/slide over my bone maybe 1 out of every 3 times I do that.

Since I have been doing no lifting for over a year and been in a full arm cast (so my arm was held horizontally across my body all day), what is something I can do to rehab my shoulder? Im not sure what it is exactly. My guess is since my shoulder was internally rotated all day for 3 months out of the last 12 that some of the muscles are tight/weak. I was thinking stretch my pec (doorway stretches) and do a lot of face pulls (like 3-4x a week).

Anyone been through a full arm cast? and know why my shoulder hurts/ what can I do to fix it?