Fulkerson Osteotomy for Misalignment?

I am reaching out to see if anyone has any feedback on a Fulkerson Osteotomy for arthritis and patella misalignment without subluxation.

I am a former DI volleyball player and current college coach. I have continued training and ended up marrying a college strength coach so the average feedback of “lets get your VMO stronger” isn’t really applicable to me. My patella is tracking to the outside consistently and has caused me to have zero cartilage on the lateral side – probably from playing volleyball for 20 years. I am only 30 so doc is suggesting Fulkerson to hold of on knee replacement. Goal is to move patella to my healthy cartilage and stop further damage. I have access to great rehab, strength training, and knowledgeable people and thus far, noninvasive treatments have been unsuccessful.

Between my job and strength training, I need to be active after the surgery and am curious if anyone else has gone through the surgery and actually lifted heavy again?