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800 and beyond

The Entering 2018 pic is motivational to me, kind of like IDGAF this is happening.

Goal #1: 800kg Total

Makes me strongest the PLer in Mexico (any weight class) to the best of my knowledge, with Nationals in March though maybe the goal posts will move.

Goal #2: Keep Going

My sights are much higher.

This Log:

I will be in here to whine about injuries and bitch about morons at the gym and probably post about the workouts…you guys know the drill


Something new if you want the filtered version this is my program this year:

I will leave that up until I get hacked hahaha and everything you dont understand feel free to screen shot it and post it here and I will explain it and add it to the “Terminology” section.

Feel free to copy it or what ever if you like it or any advice or critiques I am all ears…or eyes I guess.





In like always. I wish you a strong and healthy new year.

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Tuesday AM
Quad Health
Sled Pulls Supaset Tire Flips

My back made it hard to walk this morning but it loosened up nicely. I purposely didnt bring my squat shoes to the AM workout in case this happened.

Tuesday PM
Deads 5x8@315
Squats 5x8@315
Quad X supaset Ham Kicks

Back Felt decent, started with deads so in case Squats aggravated something I would still get some work in. Also it would give my body every opportunity to warm up before Squats.

Very happy with how this went. I AM ON THAT HYPER(trophy) GAIN TRAIN!!! I am going to really enjoy this high rep eat more thing.

I am also super thrilled I only weigh 93kgs!!!


In, of course

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Hello sir, gosh theres so many new logs lol :expressionless:

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New Year, New Me!

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Wish my phone had a larger screen so I could actually see the spreadsheet:/

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Wed AM Upper 5+
Yates 5x15@100kg
Bench 10-8-10-8-8ish @ 100kg
Pullups 5x8@BW
Cable Rows…barely worth mentioning

Bench was pretty embarrassing to the older me, old PR was like 225 for 19. Each of those sets was above 8 RPE. It made me want to test my 1RM soooo bad like please tell me I am not super weak!!! That would be just like me bailing on the plan 1 day in LOL.

Pullups supaset Rope Down (LIGHT)
Hammer Curl supaset Dum Skull Crusher
V-Bar Tricep Down
WG Pulldown
Back Fly
Lat Raise
Failed attempt to get Jose to do Yoga
Reverse EZ Curl

Bro Off was fun.

Friday AM AF
Personal Training Session

I did it for free though hahaha I am the worlds worst business person. Wife is handling marketing…I am too shy.

Little bit of DOMs but hopefully I can hit Lower 3+ later.


Friday Noon
Squats 3x8@160kg
Deads 3x8@160kg

Yea DOMS were kind of bad but I forced my way through it…and like an idiot on Saturday I made a Squat date hahaha. I will be doing Pause singles though to work on that depth…

Also my quad wasnt great and my depth was shit. Obviously I care about my depth because you want every Squat to be perfect but at the same time I dont care because I was trying to control them and not bottom out. Mainly I dont care though because I have never had an issue with depth when the weights get to 80+% which is when it really matters.

The LOLz

Squatting other night there was a kid doing gymnastics and climbing on all the equipment. He was probably 6’ and may have werighed 70kg with 0 muscle definition wifey says “hes so strong”. I am like…“uhhh I am right here” #heartbreak LOL it doesnt even hurt…as I lose 30kgs to take up gymnastics…I will call it the reverse Dan Green.

The real moral of that story is possible mates dont give a shit about anything but how you treat them. They will always see you through heart goggles. So hunt and play nicely.

Ok time to eat a bit too much and sleep off these DOMS. Another free training session tomorrow at 7am #sucker


How/where did you come up with this style of programming? I can’t compare it to anything I’ve seen before. It’s intriguing.

Cannibalism :smiley:

It is Lower Pull Push Split with 5-3-1+ periodization…but a lot more volume than base 5-3-1+ which I am sure is some variation.

I really only care about the Big 3 but to be more balanced I have to care about the Awesome 4 (working title) which just adds Barbell Rows. Then everything else I do I consider Pre-Hab. The Yoga, the Curls the Pullups, OHPing and all the other Iso work is just to stay healthy for the Big 3.

Yates Row 5x12@110kg
Pullups 5x10@BW
Little Cable Rowing
Little WG Pulldowns
Hammer Curls 45s for 4x6 and last set an 8 (must have been lazy on those 1st 4)

2 Hour Nap


Tonight we are watching a documentary on what happens when a small group of Beavers become diseased and the effect that can have on the ecosystem. Luckily by chance this whole event was filmed live! Such a chance encounter.


SKWATerday Date
Worked up to a 1+4 @ 150kg

10-8-8-7-5 @ 110kg



I dropped the Pause Squats because I thought I didnt need them buuuut I saw a video of my depth and I clearly do. So I did those today with normal reps after and recorded every set except one and the depth is on point again. Pretty sure when the weight gets real I will be crashing the hole but I will fix that bridge when I get to it.

Bench wow am I bad at RAPS

Had my first photo shoot today:


(he requested this photo so it is totally staged and I felt really uncomfortable hahaha but obv I think it is pretty cool too)

Happy SKWATerday!!! LOL nope


2.5 Hour Nap on Saturday

And ugh I hate the “Alpha” term. Its so lame and those bragging about it are twats. #SorryNOTsorry #BetaSoyBoy checking in


That and claiming Natty 2 times every Instapost is an insta unfollow.

Blame an Eddie Hall interview for triggering that rant LOL…and no, not even Eddie Hall can use the term alpha with out me thinking he is a twat for it.

YOGA cuz day ending in Y
Pullups 3x8 supaset Rope Extensions 3x20
Hammer Curls supaset Dum Crusher 3xMax
Wide Grip Pulldown 3x15ish
Quad X 3x25 supaset Ham Curl 3x10ish

I havent been able to do much OHPing because my delts have been fried after that kind of volume benching. Tried to do it today but after arms they were fried again. I will need to find a way to work that in even if it is 50 reps with the 10lbs dumbells.

Happy Sunday and Time to SMASH SOME GORDITAS!!!



Shirts are catabolic…its science, look it up.

Lower 1+

8-6-8 with 180kg

8-(remove shirt)-10-(put shirt on)-5 with 180kg

QUAD X supaset GHR and other Ham stuff
Tons of raps and sets GHR until the reps dropped then mostly kick backs

My gyms Ham Curl thing is mega terrible and that will suck eventually because I need that high easy rep work to keep them healthy…I think. For now GHR and Ham Kicks but I would like something in between.

Took shirt off as a physique check in…and to keep my bear fans happy :wink:

Not sloppy but if I see an ab I will eat 4 donuts (fingers crossed)…not really a concern living here hahaha. I am getting my family off sugar though one box of sugar free cookies at a time. (Its going to be a lifetime length intervention I think.)

Off to G-Ma’s house to finish the gain train!!!


Haha love it

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Are you on anything these days or are you all natural at the moment? And every time you change logs I fall at least a week and a half behind. I do appreciate you referencing Gravity Wars in the title though.


Only on the all natural peanut butter and about 800mg of all naturally produced test E per week hahaha going to enjoy that for the next 9+ weeks then probably adding in Masteron when it is time. This is actually the most Test I have ever taken so I am curious how this works out.

Physique: Eating donuts from my hoodie pocket while shopping for veggies today…I saw an ab this morning. #committed

Pull 1+
Quad Ext
Yates Rows
Cable Rows
Hammer Curls

Train Sofi…LOL. I introduced her to Senor Sled this morning. It was all fun and games until it got heavy. She crushed it, loved it…but was beat. I think she would love Strongman training.

Losers quit, winners whine and put in the work…or at least that is what I kept telling myself as I whined though another rep and another set until the workout was done. Just wasnt in it today. Didnt sleep well and almost took a nap after Yoga instead of lifting…I settled on Quad Extensions.

OK 1 more meal and then off to sleep.


I figured you were doing something but you haven’t mentioned it in awhile. Are you still playing scientist and making your own stuff or have you found a reliable supplier?

I only ask because part of me is jealous. The other part reminds me I’m ignorant about that stuff and it’d be severely frowned upon by my employer since it’s considered the devil by our law makers.

Brewing is on hiatus because I am at the In Laws house…I know they are not ignorant to my ways but I dont know how much they want to know either. hahaha I am using the local stuff now and have some more coming from China and hopefully I can take a bite out of the local market. I do have some wicked brews planned with the last of my current supplies though, mostly for cutting.

AM: Bench and stuff
PM: More Pressing and stuff
No Yoga (1st missed day of year)

Strength felt better on Bench and Delts werent fried afterwards.

Yesterday feels like months ago. PTing is kicking my ass because I get up at 6am for it and I usually finish sports around 1am.

Jobs are going well though.

And with all this activity it has been impossible for me to get fat…believe me I have been trying.


Are sugar free cookies clean? Tomales? My gut says yes to Tomales and no to cookies.

Half Assed Yoga
Skwats 16?@150kg
Deads 17?@150kg
Quad X supaset Ham Curl 3x25 BURN BABY BURN

Feel rundown. I need sleep. I talked myself into the Daily Min on the way to the gym which is 3x5@working weight…but I got lazy so I did 2 really long sets for Squat and Deads.

And Adding the belt for Squats. I wasnt going to until this hyper block is over but it is sport specific and should give me a few more reps which should give me MOE GAINZ!!! Plus squatting with and with out a belt are hella different for me.

Life really has been amazing lately I am just too tired to remember it right now. I honestly have no idea how Sofi and I will do it with out her Mom helping us so much with everything (dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning). I try not to be a guest here but this is just how the house is ran. I think it is part of her evil plan so that none of us ever move out…it is working.

Going to CR871 tonight to train with Jose and basically interview for another PTing gig. I will probably try to do some sleds or Biceps…or Biceps LOL


Haha, off to a great start to the new year man! Very entertaining posts, and yet another program written in crystal clear BOTSLAYER notation.

Following along, as always. <3