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Fuerza Quest: A Gravity Wars Story


1st and Foremost if you missed Pavlo and Luke going at it I got you: Aside from a great 1 on 1 battle these 2 broke all the records and they would have won Open by 55.5kg…and 3rd place by over 100kg.

(Just showed my wife this video and she was yelling)

EQ Review: Dose was 700mg EQ + 583mg Test.

Subtle but I did like it. Probably mild strength gainz and made leaning out easier and I did not have the hunger cravings. Next time I run it I will probably run close to 2g a week with about 500mg Test.

Nandrolone Review 2.0 Dose was 418mg Test + 1050mg EQ + 525mg NPP

Blegh, ok with in 24 hours of my first injection I did notice my joints felt better (which i did not 1st time around)…then I swelled up to a balloon and that has subsided mostly but still just meh. I have lost about 2kg but I just look bad. This tells me TEST is BEST. If I run it again it will probably be in the 200-300mg per week range just to keep joints happier.

TEST BABY TEST!!! I have about 2 pins of EQ/NPP combo vial and then I am going to finally do my high test cycle. I will start in the 875mg per week and look to increase that to 1750mg eventually…if I can handle it. Last time just over a gram wasnt great, but I was lighter and less experienced then.

Classic Physique So it seems at my height that I am allowed to be ~89kg and at my current weight of about 99kg cutting down to around 7-9% body fat would probably put me at 89kg. But that isnt quite stage ready and the next 2% would probably take about 2kgs so with this Test Blast I am going to be looking to get up to around 103-105kg leannish and then start cutting around February.

Training: Going well, finally coming into a Squat and Dead groove but bench is an after thought.

Work: Mother Fucking Work. Yea rough couple of weeks. I will probably go into more detail in another post about the effects poker has had on me.

Wifey: Always awesome and because this is a public forum I will just say that.



OOOOOEEEEEE that juicy GOSSIP straight out of a gay soap opera

F#1 = Friend #1 long time friend
F#2 = Other long time friend
F#B = New Friend and just broke up with “Ex”
Ex = Not my friend yet but I assume he will be
F#1 and F#2 have been friends for over 10 years (but never dated)

OK SO, F#3 just broke up with his BF and is now dating F#1. Well, Ex is now dating F#2 and none of them know the history!!! Everybody not in the immediate relationships knows.

That really isnt a big deal. The problem is that I have a history of not thinking these things are important, getting drunk and then opening my big fat blabby mouth. This Saturday I have a wedding and I will be getting Drank Drunk with the new couple F#1 and F#3.

This is the wedding of the woman who got pregnant to trap a man tee hee…men dont feel bad about that, wrap it up or pull out…or better yet dont be crazy enough to date crazy.

I am putting this here so hopefully I can keep that big fat blabby mouth of mine shut on Saturday.

Weekend Warriors

Ok so I know Phil Heath was being a dick because he feels threatened but there is SOME truth to this. Obv they train more than the weekends but there is a reason the top guys in Classic Physique are considerably younger than the top guys in even the 212 and especially the Open. It only takes about 2-4 years of juice to fill out a Classic Physique weight limit let alone plain old Physique.

Also I know I am pretty close to at the weight limit for my height in Classic Physique but I also know that Buendia would make me look small if I stood next to him and he is like 5’ 4" and in the plain old Physique show. My only 2 theories are the type of muscle fibers made from lifting heavy are more dense than the fibers made from pump work and also my bones are probably heavier from years of liting heavy. The bones thing is actual science although I doubt it accounts for THAT much.

OK just some funny stuff in between work sessions.

Actual Lifting: My bench is shit, not sure why although contributions are probably made by Shitty effort, shitty equipment, drugs.and Low Bar and Front Squat and in that order. I hurt my should today benching on a shit bench, its like a foot of bar travel and the rack is so low it is at least a quarter skull crusher rep to get it out of the rack. Pretty pissed BUT I think I can bench in the Squat rack.

Drugs going to try no AI and using Tamoxifen for a couple months. Live look at my future physique:


(Hopefully temporary while my body sorts itself out)

New Show is Sabrina


Lol, friend drama. I try to stay away from it, but the entertainment value of it all often draws me in to stir up shit.

Welcome to the club.

The Teenage Witch?? Wife just started re-watching Gilmore Girls.
We are slowly picking away at Haunting of Hill House right now, it’s alright.


The Chilling Tales of Sabrina, only 10 episodes and done. Not bad, new and different. Wifey just finished watching all the movie prequels or sequels of Gilmore girls.

Amazingly that situation is nothing compared to the ladies in the group, but I keep my distance from that noise :smiley:


Everything is hitting a groove just in time for me to hit a huge patch of party rock demotivation on Saturday. I think a lot has to do with switching to Nolvadex instead of Arimidex. We will see how this works out the next couple weeks.

That Poverty Bench

We had a good run, about 2 years being my best lift. BUUUTT I can bench in Beach Body’s squat rack and IT IS AWESOME!!! SO hopefully I can get some consistency and rebuild this Bench. @littlesleeper its a RACE TO 4 PLATES!!!


After the 405 Front Squat I have hit every goal I have set out for except in BBing. I really am not ready to drop PLing because I am afraid I will lose all my strength but thinking about it now my strength is shit anyways. With that I am going to do my PLing then do super pumpy work afterwards and build some muscle quality for a spring break cut starting probably right after the Superbowl.

OK and yea that is about it


I AM PROGRAMMING IN KILOS!!! Pretty excited about this. Makes me feel like a real coach. Luis and Toby are opening their gym and it will be almost completely KGs except some bumpers. Luis is also getting pretty conjugated, I dont think he does anything twice a week. He has had a bunch of injuries the last couple preps so we are widening the base and getting pretty pumpy. Should be a good change of pace leading into Nationals. Toby is just running good ole Working Title but RPE.

POker is going well but draining my life force. Definitely some addiction undertones. Imagine your favorite FPS but add gambling. It is taking away my desire to lift, appetite, libido and fking with my eyes and posture. It all was a lot worse the first couple weeks but now I am getting some balance back and am readjusting to the game of poker.

Level 3 is complete and now I am on to play 50k hands at level 4. (Treating poker like a video game helps with the monetary part of it. Ironically I really, really dont like gambling but it is the only job I am currently qualified for that will also pay the bills.)

(Technically I meant 65k total hands at level 3 but I am playing well and games are good so I will move on.)

LIFTING I am ready to finally get back into it seriously…again…for the 32nd time LOL. This wedding was the last thing I have to do for a while and I already told everybody that the only way I go to another wedding is if its gay.

With that Squat this is the end of this block and I am not sure exactly what the future holds for squats.

OK, watching Sherlock with Wifey, she hasnt seen it and I love this show. And I will probably start talking more about my lifting when I stop not even lifting anymore :smiley:


Annnnnd we’re back to Level 3 So I had a terrifically horrible 2 days at Level 4 so dropping back down. When I was a pro my greatest attribute was drinking. Here me out. I would NEVER play if I even looked at a drink (same with driving actually). So if a day was just going to be one of those days I would call it early and start drinking. As long as it was at least close to Noon (our family rules are more lenient than those 5 oclock oppressors.). Well now I dont drink like that, or barely at all so if I have a bad day it is infinitely harder to stop. So I didnt. And I paid for it LOL. I will have to learn a new strategy if I want to make real money at this. In all truth as a 2nd job even Level 3 isnt terrible money. The fun is in the building anyways.

Programming I think I am going to continue the RPE for Squats. I tried to get serious with Deads yesterday but it was just a terrible workout. I hurt my delts, biceps and triceps trying to Low bar Squat FML. So sick of these fkn squat racks. My hands should be going right where the Jhooks are. Any who so my game plan is to repeat the SIngles week of last block. That 585 Squat was easy but shit form so maybe another week of singles work will clean it up a bit and I can get a Low Bar PR. Next Block will be a ton of RPE possibly ending in a Mock Meet.

If I can get my Bench anywhere over 405 I think I have a shot at a Total PR.

Bench, meh


It looks weird but it was the only way everything fits with out 2 a days. I will attempt a 3rd Press day which will just be 3 Warmups and 1 Working set of Dum OHP. After the Main work everything gets really pumpy. I have really enjoyed the 5x10 Squat work so adding that to Deadlift.

Probably my most click baity title yet:

OK, back to my day job then hopefully some decent Bench later.