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Fuerza Quest: A Gravity Wars Story


I don’t believe that your deadlift max is 585lbs. You can squat over six hundo!

But I’m definitely in agreement of this choice.


@littlesleeper hahahaha I LOLed …I love Star Wars and that is such a fitting clip. Current Max should be really low 6s but still. TIME TO GROOWWWW!!! A lot of people are competing soon and I am putting all their numbers in a motivation shrine :smiley:

AND SO GLAD I DIDNT DRINK YESTERDAY!! (Pretty sure I think that every time I dont drink, I need to remember that.) I got a shit ton of work done, didnt actually eat that much (6-7k calories). And then today when I went to the Gym there was another PLer there that I would not have met had I drank yesterday. We run in all the same circles too which is cool. So I probably would have met him eventually…but his motivation was needed today.

THat WOrk: Well normal work then hobby work …Video 1 of 3…other 2 released next week but this one needed to be out sooner.

Training: Hit another AMRAP PR of 465 for 13 on Deads. I dont think these translate super well to my 1RM like they did in the past but I do think it will give an idea of what weights to program.

Injuries: Butt is feeling gooooood but had some Hip shift away from that glute today so hurray for new problems LOL. Also my right wrist is sore as shit most likely from the Front Squats but Front Rack did feel better than it has in a long time today.

Split Going back to my old faithful. My arms have been cramping lately which I think is a combo of over training and bumping my AI. So back to Lower Pull Push for this week and then move Deads to their own day next week.

The Barbell Row I may have had an epiphany that Pullups are just a longer ROM Barbell Row and also have a far more complete strength curve from the view point of the back muscles BUUUUUT the max force is applied at different points. The Pullup does increasingly more work until the upper arm breaks parallel and the Row works everything after. I am a long ways from saying that Rows are not necessary but I think one could get by as well. As such I am going to be working on Pullups again.

OK Gonna take some relax time that I did next to none of yesterday HAPPY SUNDAY!!!


Holy shit.


Its never the happily married people talking shit about your wife’s husband… LOL ugh. Wifey has 2 friends that just pick at strings until an entire room is in a fight. Last night Wifey came home after hanging with one of them angry and sad but hid it because she knew it was BS. I didnt find out until this morning and she was nearly in tears telling me about how the person was basically shit talking me for not going out and how I would be a terrible father. FKN UGH. I dont get people like that. Worlds shitty enough and clearly even shittier for you if you get your kicks that way.

Side note, not going out is standard procedure for parents is it not? Make some damn sense when you shit talking me!!!

Any who happy notes I am now 6.5 weeks out from a mock meet. Continuing the tradition of a Mock Meet around this time of year. I still dont have a decent location. Every place is only decent for 2 of 3 lifts. I thought about doing it at the place I did it 2 years ago but BRAG I am not sure their bars will fit enough plates this time around.

Another Brag I think my Lats got too big for me to use my normal pretty close grip Bench so I moved it out and another brag I think all this Delt work has made it so my Delts will survive…hopefully. I lowered my OHPing weights with the increase in Bench Volume.

Oh right that Bench Program, considering this is all tactics i have used for quite some time (and someone else is currently using this program) it took me a really long time to come up with this for myself LOL


After today’s really shitty Bench single I decided my current path was not the right approach.

To decode: day #1 is 5x5 / 5x4 etc and AMRAP last set. Day #2 is I do X rep sets starting at the weight and adding 20lbs each set until RPE8+. So 5s, 4s etc. I will make bigger jumps later on. Test to 3rd is a practice run of attempts not an actual test. What ever I hit on Week 5 will probably be over my 3rd attempt.

Yup ok Work is in full swing and now it will be a roller coaster for about the next 2 weeks. THen settle down a bit. And in case you guys were sick of me NOT talking about drugs…

And because i still love this video and song:


Glad it’s not just me. I just scan for things I understand. =)


tee hee, its greek :smiley:

OOOOEEEEYYYIIIIII This shit is getting INTENSE!!! Toby is coming back from a long lay off and diet change to Vegan and is catching up FAST to Luis.

Toby just missed a life time PR Squat of 375lbs but is 20lbs lighter and depth is significantly better than his 365. Luis just hit a 30lbs PR double at 365. The intense part is I know how these two interact and this is going to be some Russwole vs KissmyArch shit…except Luis and Toby gonna get uncivil AF LOL Luis still has about 200lbs on Bench and Deadlift but it is only a matter of time before those 2 drive each other to insane levels.

I helped Toby through 531 a few years ago and it helped but he was always afraid of going to a higher Freq Squat and Deadlift. Whoth fuck drilled Over training and CNS BULLSHIT into beginners should lose all program writing privileges.

Clearly I am more excited for other peoples gains than my own LOL I am also super excited that they are starting to have stuff delivered to their houses for their gym opening!!! Luis did his Squats today on a Rogue Power Bar!!!

Front Squat 5s to 265
Deadlift 11@495

Really wanted 13 on that DL for a Hypo 1RM of 700 but I probably should have put it off until next week for that. I know Rep Maxes get increasingly inaccurate with te more reps but it is kind of like a video game I am trying to beat.

Yesterday I tried to do this workout but my body just wouldnt take it so I transitioned into my back up plan a bit early…and also took my first Naproxeno in quite a while today. Today I feel great even post workout which I hope isnt the Naproxeno…but my previous 2 options I was going back and forth between were Bodybuilding or Tren…which obv arent mutually exclusive.

-Can you wash these sleeves please?
-I just washed them
-Yea now there is blood
-Ay m vida (and some other stuff in spanish that basically amounts to her making a big deal of this minor amount of blood from my shin)
-Not a big deal sweetie
-It IS a big deal
-Who’s body is it?
-_- I didnt have a rebuttal after that, she got me.


This cracked me up.





My set back is the hardest to deal with, MENTAL. I want to put in work, I just dont want to work hard so BBing seems like the obv choice (shots fired LOL). I will lift Squat and Dead heavy (because volume destroys my back) then do a ton of lazy accessory work. We talking Squat Machines and Quad Extensions baby!!! No Leg press, that thing is the worst.

My Cramps Finally fixed those. So mi Suegra saves and reuses everything and labels fkn nothing. So she had been filling my salt-lite with normal salt which with cramping issues just compounds the issue (potassium to sodium ratio is kind of important). I had discussed this with her I guess like sugar she thought this was a joke or something. I woke up in the middle of the night from cramps a few nights ago and it hit me what was wrong. I threw them out and have new containers and labels coming in the mail. Cramps have gotten better basically instantly.

OK going to watch some Football on this wonderful SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!


Finally back on that grind!!!

This felt great today. Some solid Pump work.

BENCH: 5x8@235
Dum OHP 5x10@35
Cable Press

Pullup 5s @ BW-25-45
Tons of Machine Shit

Pullups were pretty disappointing LOL Really thought I was going to get 5 with 100lbs BUUUUT after my 1st set at body weight I lowered my expectations (greatly).

PDC Powerlifting Gym: They hit a set back as the owner of the building is an alcoholic and put the plumbing in the wrong place and ran out of money LOL. But they are getting in all their awesome AF equipment. Kind of super excited and really jealous.

OK going to watch either some BBall or the Monday night game…probably NBA as I have no skin in the NFL game…or desire to watch either of those teams ugh.


You have an announcement to make? (or have I already missed one?)

LOL this is me right now. I’m really looking forward mixing my training up.


hahahha NO!! Thank goodness… I mean children some day in the future would be wonderful LOL.

PDC BARBELL IS OPEN!!! ish…not even sure that is the name but it looks like at the very least they can start moving stuff in. Its an empty concrete warehouse basically with a weird looking bathroom added. Its beautiful.

Gunz ish
Some Bicep and Post Delt work

Elbow wouldnt let me train triceps.

I am pretty excited for a Squat date tomorrow. A BBer asked me about how to get stronger and if it would help his gainz etc and then I taught him about bracing properly and we gonna Squat + BB pump the shit out some legs tomorrow.

Yea, soooo Thats about it.

New Video:


BEST TIME EVVVAAARRRRRRR LOL just broin the FK out for this quad pump.

Front Squat

Leg Press (seriously)
Mega Drop Set after some actual sets

Quad X
Skip Calves

I worked with Armando today and it was so much fun. Reminds me of a few years ago when we had a small group that would bro out at Prince Gym. I worked with him on his Squat then he taught me how to get that Stupid PUMP. I didnt even hate the leg press. ALthough he was pretty un-enthused with my depth LOL

OK Work and Wifey time…not in that order.


LOL Ninos So stars aligned that Julio, Toby and Luis all had the exact same Squat workout today. A lot of stars had to align for this tbh. So they did it together. At first I was like NOOOOO because they will all end up missing like 8 lifts each but they only missed 2 total so I consider that a win. Video of that coming because YAASSSSS!!! I was pretty excited for this once they told me they were all training together today.

More minor News
-Participation at this Dec 1st meet is all it takes to be Qualified for Nats…Luis was bummed. He wanted to “earn it”. Now it is all in on 1st place in the 83s (rather than a min place or qualifying total).
-TRT been lowered, EQ bumped and I found a huge stash of NPP so added that because why not.
-Fkn almost as cold as frozen shit here about 2 months early. FK YOU AMLO!!! (LOL kind of an inside joke but the incumbent president (AMLO) is getting blamed for pretty much everything that transpired the last 100 years.)

Bench 5x5@275
Dum OHP 5x10@35
Cable Press

Pretty Fun Bench workout now about to get some food and smash back. PEACE!!!


LOOKING TINY Cut carbs post workout yesterday and damn I notice.

LOL My Fam Came down stairs to find not even a half shot of scotch covered with a napkin on the table…like why save that? Came back from the gym and it was in the fridge…LOL -_-

Sofi’s godparents came in from out of town and her poor Godmother. They wanted martinis but I dont think they knew what they were because I made them and her Godmother had one and was on cloud 9. I saw her this morning doing the whole “dont make loud noises” and “where are my sunglasses” thing. LOL Pobrecito!

Ohio is currently but probably temporarily losing by 14 right now so this could be a sweet day!!!



Hook Grip Saga Continues Kabuki released an article on Hook, obv it pretty much says everything mine does. Pretty sure by law I have a case for plagiarism LOL

And I do see the irony because pretty much everything I know was ripped off from other people.

and found this hilarious gem looking for a Mthr Fkr meme.

Squats ARE BACK!!! Booty was fine today. Hit 10 reps at 405 after 2 sets of 5 prior. All time PR was 12 at 405 for my last WPC prep and that wasnt preceded by a 2x5. Front Squats are getting better too.

Crew is 1.5 weeks out from Regionals, shit is getting real!!! And this video was aton of fun:

ugh watching “Father of the Bride (1991)” with mi hermanita and this is soooo damn awkward, I cant, i just cant LOL. I just cant do awkward humor OK HAPPY MONDAY!!!


Bench 5x8@245
Dum OHP 5x10@40
Cable Press
Skull Crushers

Greg Nuckols is compromised. I am not going to link the article because it is a lengthy pile of bull shit. Basically he discredits the validity of the data used to make the 25 FFMI Natty limit rule then uses the same Data to say that above 25 FFMI is achievable naturally. Like if the data isnt reliable then it isnt reliable, not a scientist but that seem pretty basic.

Then he wrote this little dime piece:

The Math: 94.6kg divided by .93 equals 101.7kg so he is basically stating that when this athlete cuts he will lose 0 lean mass.

BBers run a Kilo of drugs to keep from losing muscle mass going into a contest and do not succeed at this. Safe to say a natural isnt going to accomplish this feat either. He would either know that or is a not competent enough to discuss the subject. He did bring up that FFMI’s get bloated and bent with higher BF%s but it didnt seem to apply to this.

Lastly, he poked every hole in the data collected that he could except the only one that really matters. People lie. If they didnt we wouldnt even need to be having this discussion because we would already know. And I am going to go out on a limb and say that the people in the study would be significantly more likely to say they didn’t take steroids than they did.

Anywho HAPPY TRIGGER TUESDAY!!! :smiley:


Unicorn Tears and Dad Bod Dreams

It dawned on me I can just mix some vials I have and create blends and greatly reduce pinning. When the time comes I will mix some Unicorn Tears and see if its worth a home brew.

Yea so I started playing poker again and set some modest goals. I hadnt even opened pokerstars in about a year so I am relearning from the bottom. The stakes would most accurately be described as Video Game…but not the online ones where people can make actual money LOL. If not for Black Friday I would be retiring in a couple of years. Life comes at you fast.

Poker seems to have immediately contributed to my Dad Bod thing I got going on (poor posture)…that and the Nandrolone (water weight). I thought I could control the water with super strict diet and proper AIs buuut nooooope. I will just accept it because the strength seems comparable to Tren with out all the Tren BS (insomnia, night sweats, random crying at sad movies followed by uncontrollable euphoria…basically every Pregnancy stereotype). Contemplating another run of “intraworkout carbs” because how bad could it be…but then I thought about just how bad it could get LOL.

Dad Bod AF…I have been skipping meals and actually am down to 99.4kg. I really dont even wake up with a tight waist and a liter of water in and it is saggy water balloon.

Todays WOrkouT: (last couple days nothing to write any where about)
Pause Squats to 3 @ 405 (Matches PR)
Some Machine stuff and the quad ext had my quads poppin and doing that quivering feather thing and some veins showing…so fk you belly bloat, WTF is your problem???

I think I finally know what I want to do with my Deads…VOLUME! I will just suck it up looking like a noob and bring up my workload capacity which is pathetic which brings me to todays workout.

Some Dad Bod for you guys…

ANd we celebrating Gringo Thanksgiving now so HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!


worked up to 5 with 75lbs then a bunch of other pull work

Bench 5@295 4x3@295

This sucked, aside from benching out of the squat rack because the gym decided to ruin their last good bench by putting the pad on backwards (skull crusher required to unrack) I guess I am still dealing with the bug or something because that was way under performance. Orrr maybe its the drugs, or lack there of but I have never had my strength drop off like this before. Pretty annoying.

OK, and I thought this was really funny but it isnt getting a great reaction so please respond in the poll, my feelings will not be hurt (because I made it anonymous tee hee).

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oh and WORK
Hit goal #1 which was 15k hands with a positive winrate in November.


Dia de Muertos
Front Squat
2s to 345
10s @ 135-225-315-365-315
Ham Curl
Quad X

Deads felt so much better today. I think I am going to like this volume thing and just BUILD BABY BUILD!!!

Front Squats felt good too. Front Rack still isnt all that is awesome but it is on its way and so is 405+.

Ok time for more “Video Games” and HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!



Luis missed weight by 0.9kg but it really doesnt matter. He can compete in what evr Nats weight class he wants.

THe barbell doesnt have center knurling, I said he should have brought one of theirs. They tried LOL.

Will update later. I am taking a day off from the gym to hang with wifey, making some burgers and watching some football.

Julio: I think 7 for 9. Missed 2nd Squat to add 2.5kg to it and get his 3rd. Missed 3rd Bench and 3 for 3 on Deads.

Toby: 5 for 7. Passed on 2nd and 3rd Deads because he had some kind of ankle injury and deads felt off. He missed 3rd Squat and 3rd Bench after taking his “YOLO” Squat and then went above his “YOLO” bench attempt LOL.

Luis: Just started, hit 1st 2 squats and is going for 175kg for a 3rd. It should be RPE9.8. (toby is sending me videos as he is done lifting).

Luis’s flight is all lifters in the 93kg class and over. At 83.9kg his squat attempts were middle of the pack and out of 7 lifters in his flight there are at least 2 in the higher than 93 classes so he should podium, might be competing for the W.

Luis 3 for 3 on Squats 3rd was 175kg.

Watching Bama Georgia and now that Michigan has no chance to go to the playoff I want Georiga to win and the committee to send two SEC teams #watchitburn LOL Honestly I am kind of glad Michigan isnt going, they would get thrashed by Bama or Clemson.

2 for 3 on bench. Opener was super fast, 2nd super slow and missed a min bump 3rd…115-125-x127.5x

LUIS: 3 for 3 on Deads with a 220kg 3rd which is an all time PR. WEnt 8 for 9 and a 520kg Total.

Waiting on Placings

Luis 5th of 6 in the 93s with 520kg. 1st Totaled 565kg so it was a tightish race. In the 83s 1st was 590kg by a buddy of ours who we were both shocked he was even in the 83s.