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Fuerza Quest: A Gravity Wars Story


Have to Rant…it has a ton of components…

Anyone who doesn’t think sugar is addictive has never tried to get somebody to quit it.

So I finally got the family on board with no sugar around Wifey who is facing the advanced stages of Type 1 Diabetes…well except her brother who finds it completely inconceivable to ask him to go with out sugar the 2 hours a week he is here per week visiting.

1st as somebody who has battled addiction my entire life both personally and with loved ones I have great empathy.

2nd is a huge wtf. Most arguments i get in are explaining that we should help other people whether we think they deserve it or not because it is just the right thing to do. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO A FAMILY THAT THEIR SISTER AND DAUGHTER DESERVES THEIR HELP!!!

Which brings us back full circle because these are the actions of addicts to not see past their own addictions. Or at least I just keep telling myself that.

EDIT: and all ice cream, pb and other junk food I eat is sugar free. Which brings up another point that they are not addicted to sweet or carbs. There is a ton of sugar free jelly, pb and diet sodas. Bananas and mangos etc. They wont eat it. If it were carbs they would be happy with a pile of rice. They aren’t.


Im just curious about the advanced stages of diabetes, I have a brother(17yo) who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 3 years ago. He eats sugary foods on a daily basis and is able to regulate his blood sugar quite well(Doesnt have a pump or anything yet). I know that not all diagnoses are the same, he still has 20-30% of his beta cells left in(around?) his pancreas. Does it get worse as you age?


It gets worse with age and is compounded by poor diet, lifestyle and sugar regulation. I would urge your brother to take it more seriously and help him in any way that you can. Get him active, eat cleaner etc.

He can test his blood for something to give a 3+ month rolling average of his blood sugar but I dont remember what it is.

As far as advanced I just know what Wifey is going through.

Wifey’s hands and feet go numb usually several times a day. After this she will permanently lose feeling and amputation might be necessary.

Her eye sight still hasn’t fully come back from January when blood vessels burst in her eye leaving her blind in that eye for several months.

She has had it for 20 years and only took insulin once a day or watched what she ate. Now she is paying for it.

The one good thing to come out of January is how much better she handles her sugar and diet.


I would say that he is doing very well with his diet, when I say he eats sugar on a daily basis its usually just some sugary cereal and the occasional candy bar, besides that he eats 4 meals a day Meat, Carb, lots of veggies. He also is very active, plays varsity baseball and summer ball, usually training in some way everyday. For his age, I would say he is very mature about it. I just wasnt sure if it stayed the status quo, or progressively got worse. So thank you for the insight and going into more detail about your wifes situation ,helps me understand it better.


Damn, that’s very serious. Hoping you guys can keep that under control and she recovers fully from this.


HbA1c is the three month test.



I AM SO FKN COMMITTED TO THIS COMP I AM TAKING A FULL DAY OFF 24 DAYS OUT!!! They said I couldn’t do it, but here I am!!! Proving all the haters wrong!!!

I am actually having a LOT of fun.

Found a new show, Wynonna Earp is hilarious and the wild west time period has always been fascinating to me so this has has that interest (I would be watching Firefly if Netflix had it).

Which has me reading about this dude…

and somehow I am on this today…

My theory is Aliens looking for intelligent life didnt find any and kept going. LOL, I mean if it was Aliens that has to be it.

Oh and I baked up some breaded boneless chicken thighs so energy should be good tomorrow. I have been eating those on burger buns, like the sandwiches you get at fast food places…but way healthier.

DIET: Yea so I think I am learning that as long as I stay away from sugar and eat my veggies I can get away with some rather less than optimal food choices and not have my BP spike or feel like pooo.


Nightmares on Friday the 13th and I need a new Gym

So the good news is I have a plethora of excuses and moral victories…the bad news is I missed 645 twice for grip once hook and once Mixed.

1st time ever missing a Dead using Hook grip like ever…ok not true I missed 545 once somehow when I literally just forgot to pull on the bar. Then I switched to mixed and it got a little worse.

GAMEPLAN (Hail Mary): Iso hold out of the rack every Squat and Deadlift day, probably more if need be. I will be training both Mixed and Hook. Hook because that is what I use mixed because it will build actual grip strength better.

Moral Vicotry 645 is there and fast until grip broke.


NEED A NEW GYM: GYm owner always comes over and talks to me as soon as the weight gets heavy. Like do you see my fkn head phones?

Today this was his list of interruptions:

Teach me how to do Hook grip…cool
These belts are better and brought over a tiny lever belt and another 10mm lever belt…cool
Last one and this is hilarious asking me if the music was ok…I had to remove my headphones to hear and answer. AAGGGHHHH!!! Nice guy but please, just let me lift.

Just rewatched the video, he actually interrupted like 4 more times never when I was actually between sets.

DEAD 1s@

like 2 sets and fk it

3 sets at 405
Hands hurt more than forearms

OK Going to celebrate Friday the 13th on the couch with Wifey WYNONNA EARP!!!



Been waiting to use that Psycho song for a while and this is the perfect video for it.

That song has also been my “go mode” song for a while.

Also you need to post some more songs, i need nee go mode songs, please.a


Please delete all of your hook grip videos since they are now irrelevant. jk.

I’m kind of bias because they are a local band and I have seen them live a couple times but they get me pumped up. They just opened for the Rolling Stones, so they are definitely climbing in popularity.


Will do.

I have no idea why I haven’t logged anything recently. Like no clue lol.



This crossed my mind LOL but in the end you need to own your failures. People should be more ok with failure and being wrong in general. In this case I greatly fkt my prep by not doing enough singles and not buying a real barbell when I had the chance.

I am doing my last deadlift session at a different gym which has the only real bar in town. Black with aggro knurling if I miss on that I have to use straps in competition.

Fits right into the Wynonna Earp theme too!!!

You have to maintain bread integrity!!! :smiley: And when ever you get the time welcome back. I kind of figure it is summer and most people are enjoying the weather while we have it.


Chest Supported Machine Row

Yea need to eat more and rushed today going but what ever.

1st workout getting Bench commands and my wife is terrible at them. She forgets to give it, forgets the word for bench (2nd language) and was also giving the lift offs to add to her difficulty so bench commands were “spontaneous”. I cant think of a better preparation for the competition.

Back was a little tight this morning but I feel great, not at all like I missed 2 deadlifts yesterday. That is an amazing feeling.

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Do something fun for me, I am going to be a couch bum!!



Curling iron. Some gear is much more comfortable if heated before injected (esp tren) but because i live with mi suegros still i cant really just go downstairs for a tiny cup of microwaved water when ever…esp in the afternoon when i would prefer to be doing my i injections. It took me 2 years but curling iron works great to heat up gear. Heating the oil is also great if you are using slin pins.


Makes sense.

Hey, did you enjoy watching Ariel yesterday? Fucking 220.5 bench at 100 and his deadlift had more in it. His arms are the size of my fucking head :joy:


Why not double overhand for grip?


Tell them to f*ck off, but politely lol.


Is that raw???!?!?!?! Fk I have work to do next offseason.

…and I didnt want to tell you but I couldnt find the stream. I checked on FB and YT a couple times and I could never find it That last time I checked they posted the results. In my defense I never said I watched it only that I found the results. If you have a link to replay I want it though as I cant find any videos of the Comp.

I do this until it gets too heavy for it and if I were only going to be doing Hook I would probably work with just double overhand but I might have to use Mixed so I need to practice that anyways.

In my head I did LOL. Actually today he waited until I was done to talk to me which is totally awesome. Speaking of today…

So much idioting, so little time… to make this super short injections and infection really fkt up this workout. I am now hoping for a 290kg 3rd, next week probably 280kg and on meet day I will probably bomb out after missing my 200kg opener 3 times.

Which brings me to Depression Eating, I had a lovely brownie and vanilla ice cream dessert post workout to make me feel better…it seems to be slow release.

Squats 3x1@545 (quad infection)
Rack Pulls not enough at 315 (preworkout lat injection)

Not to be outdone Luis dropped a deadlift on his legs today so we will see how that 485lbs bruise affects his training going forward. Then of course all the “trainers” who have no clue about anything felt vindicated about training heavy. Ugh, seriously listening to that would be worse than the bruise.

Oh the irony, our focus for prep this time around was getting and staying healthy (he had injuries and I am just sick of having trouble walking) and here we are 3 weeks out. My “injuries” are completely avoidable (as per usual) and his well, fk. Hopefully not that bad.

Oh well, get healthy, regroup and I was actually thinking about going full linear and capping intensity at ~90% for prep anyways. If my next Squat workout goes this well that plan will become a reality.


Ah, got you. They mightn’t have put up a stream then.

Yes, raw. He had a bit of room too. Same in deads. Squat he had to work a little.


Casual Bench Days just got cancelled Manager lady told me I have to wear shoes not flip flops :(:sob:

Luis’s leg doesnt look that bad at all so that is a huge deadlift dropped on leg dodged…sort of LOL we can joke now, he nor his leg didnt die. His left side is a bit sore but that we can handle.

19 Days Out Workout:

Dumbell Iso Holds

Wow my bench to commands needs work LOL. She would give the command and I would just freeze. I honestly think it is lack of focus. Her commands were really good today so there goes my perfect preparation for Prep LOL.

OK, after this episode and the next episode there are just 2 more episodes of Earp so really close to having no clue what to do with myself again… New season is coming out but I wont watch it until the entire season is out or possibly even on Netflix. Ah right, Lucifer Season 3 still needs watching.

EDIT: Dropped Dbol, the lethargy was real AF!!!


Video? I love me some gym fails! (especially now knowing that he is OK)

On the topic of TV shows, we have caught up in a few of our shows and are now back on the Archer binge. Also, I guess we have a few episodes of Brooklyn 99 to watch.