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Fuerza Quest: A Gravity Wars Story


Wifey: please go slow
Me: you know how this is happening
Wifey: Yes I know you

Hahahaha poor wifey…my poor stomach…or maybe poor awesome stomach!!!

I am going to be a machine eating basically like Robocop does LOL

400g Rice (raw)
600-700g Chicken Breast (raw)
500g Veggies (frozen)
6 Eggs (with out shell)
2 Tablespoons Apple Vinegar
10mL Salt Lite

Macros: 2754-208p-387c-40f

On top of that until my carton of OJ is gone I will have an OJ pre breakfast.

To bump those calories a bit more I will try to add in PB&Js when ever I can.

Honestly I have been feeling a bunch better just since the Greek Yogurt and that has kind of started moving things along but now this should kick it up a notch and get me back to feeling great!!!


Muscles Might have Worked:
Lat Pulldown
Chest Supported Machine Row
Hammer Row
Concentration Curl
Back being walked on

Yea I didnt even do pullups, my lower back is beat the fk up. I really want those last 2 AMRAPs for deads but they dont do a lot of good if they crush me for a week each time. Most likely I will script the reps and sets.

Stomach and everything after it is starting to work normally again. Today was the first day I was actually hungry in I dont know how many days. Now it is time to pound food like it is my job.

Yesterday I got rid of a bunch of “bloat” and today my abs showed some sick separation that was being hidden because I had a bit of BBer gut going on. Strong chance the cut went a bit far and that had a lot to do with Monday’s weakness. It wasnt totally my fault I mean I was never hungry and I wasnt losing any weight.

Speaking of weight, I was hoping to do a small water cut to get down to 95-96kg for Wilks points as if I weigh much over that a 500 Wilks is probably out of reach but now that I am eating again I might need to water cut just to get into the 100kg class LOL. My priorities are slowly shifting to biggest total in the 100kg Class regardless of anything else.

Drogas: Going to skip my last Superdrol mini cycle, shorten the last 3 weeks to 2 weeks and go oral. I will save the injectable for a BBer cut. I am fairly certain that SD at least contributed to my stomach issues. How I have no idea but others have thought similar. Plus I got some mild back pump this AM (after carbing up so I def think that BP plays a role) and after Thursday it will be my 25th day of 37 on Superdrol. I should probably save everything I have for August.

Meat Head Meet Investigations:

Pikis posted this on FB. Kind of confirms what I thought that he is injured. I hope he gets healthy enough to put up a good showing, if not I at least hope he goes and I can meet him. I believe he has at least one athlete competing so he should be there.

“I am injured, I can not train.”

OK, time to nap and hopefully my back feels better tomorrow and I dont need any Naproxeno. Oooo and walk, I am going to spend more time walking in the afternoon I think that will help keep the hunger up and processes moving.


Bench Heavy


Some rows
A couple pullups

Back feels much better after benching. Something about the arch usually jams it back into place but getting to the gym isnt super easy with a back like that.

Switch heavy and light days and am going to go to prehab protocol for dum OHP.

Going to smash some donuts and doing the math i am pretty sure i am going to do a weekly cheat meal starting next week to keep my calories up. I dont think my best bench workout of this prep and all the food i ate the last 3 days is a coincidence.

Happy HUMP DAY!!! :smiley:


Meat Head Meet Investigations:

Harold just hit 635 Squat for a double. I found his weight which is 108kg.

He is a true powerlifter as I cant find a bench by him anywhere :smiley:




545 for 4

Hack Squat
Some Mobility

Back feeling much better although I wanted 545 for 5+ reps so bad I have had to correct myself in writing it at least 3 times now.

I had more but my back got crumpled up on the 4th rep, I am going to get new holes put in my belt. If it ends up ruining the integrity it really doesnt matter because at this point it doesnt do much anyways.

Despite my back feeling much better I still skipped my dead workout though, I might make it up next week or just let it go.

Physique definitely spilled over a bit but vascularity is up for it. Very much looking forward to getting back to clean and lean eating the next few days…and also looking forward to a weekly cheat meal.

Ummmmm not an expert but pretty sure I was being flirted with very hard today. Every time this woman would walk by she would do the lift shirt wipe sweat move. I of course would pretend to be gay and blind…more blind because most of the gay men I know would tell her she looked great then ask her what her secret was. Well I think it escalated because in the end she walked right over to where I was changing my shoes and took her shirt off but 3 minutes later it was back on. So obviously I noticed (only pretending to be gay and blind) but definitely did not want her to know I noticed. She knows I am married and I wore my big ass black ring today. OR PLOT TWIST: I am clueless.

OK, HAPPY THURSDAY!!! ARHER SEASON FINALE WHICH MEANS TOMORROW I HAVE A MARATHON!!! The last couple seasons are good but they really dont do well as stand alone episodes. They would have been better released as movies IMO.


Wide Grip Barbell Row
Hammer Rows

Back is hit or miss last 2 days.

WEAKness Upper back is consistently my limiting factor on Squats and has been for some time. I can easily trace this back to limited rowing for a couple reasons. Lower Back Issues and recently avoiding wider grip rows to focus a bit more on Lats and also to avoid my Traps/Rhomboids because I was/am having issues with elbow pain for Squatting and not having the mobility to take the pressure off my elbows. Honestly the mobility thing would be easily fixed if I had access to a decent Squat rack pero ni modo. Any who I am not sure how much I can strengthen this in the next 7 weeks but I am going to try. Wide Grip Rows will be done A LOT!!!

OK ARRRRCCHHHHHEEERRRR!!! Marathon!!! Please post Spoilers.

and some Flex Friday Action:


Pause Squat 3s



Tricep Vbar

Yea uh delts got fried I actually think it is because I am doing them standing rather than seated with a slight lean. I dont remember them getting like this with seated and there is no reason 15lbs should have done this.

Bench went ok considering my bracing sucks.

Squats good but my elbow pain is back and I dont see my traps shrinking or me getting decent equipment in the near future so the ride is about to get bumpy.

Other than that another good week. 7 weeks out LETS FKN GOOOOOOO!!!


I went ahead and subscribed to your channel… the music is great :joy:




Some Rows
Some Curls
Some Mobility

EXCITED: In 3 weeks specificity starts which means SKWAT SINGLES!!! I will need a real gym.


Lol Westside has to be trolling us at this point. If anybody else posted this it would be gym fail nation.


Ask them. I don’t think the guys at Westside have ever done anything like that without a damn good reason.


Hahaha I know, it’s just funny that if we saw a random person doing that it would end up in a gym fail video. Obviously they have a reason. :smiley:

445 for 10 I think



Deads: For the first time ever my singles are better than my reps. Perfect timing because its all singles from here on out.

Back: Minor tweak so I skipped the 3rd set and then over the next 15 minutes my back go a bit worse and the gradually got a lot better.

NBA OFFSEASON BABY!!! Seriously the most interesting thing about this season was the offseason after it. Looks like LBJ could be building a super team in LA.

OK Nap time!!!


It’s called a good morning squat and that dude ain’t the only one doing them. The guy living in cypress does them too…Clint Darden


Love Clint Darden…that is kind of exactly what it looks like it works.


-28mm bar…this is huge. The difference between 28 and 29mm bars in circumference is only half a cm but it is enough that I have always had major issues feeling comfortable with my bar placement on Squats.

-Warm up room is probably in LBS, comp in KGs…annoying but knowing now helps a lot. I will be prepared for both in the hopeful scenario the warm up room is KGs.

-There are 0 Mexican records so 4 records will be set per weight class that day, kind of cool. I think I have a good shot at Bench but I wont consider the Total a record unless it beats Pikis’ 795. Also it seems this is the first nationals so they will probably make it public and it can make it on Open Powerlifting and maybe powerlifting watch which will be cool if I do anything worth while.

-We can change openers once…HUGE stress relief there. (normal I think but at my first meet we were not allowed to change openers.)

-I am bombing out. Luis is communicating with the Meet Director and the guy is clearly getting annoyed with us (probably are 4th email with this guy as I keep coming up with new questions) so I desperately requested Luis be very nice and say please, apologize etc but luis said he did none of that and told him he was me giving my name etc. What ever I am picking his attempts so I guess we both bomb out mwahahahaha!!!


I am going to start doing a lot more videos like this. Helps me think things through and be a better teacher and it is a lot of fun.


LOL How to Hubby: Wifey and I were on the verge of WW3 so we packed a bag and went to a hotel and had some drinks and talked and got on the same page. We hung over but in a great place now.

LOL How NOT to Hubby: So Luis has been working out with Canadian lady getting lift offs and press commands. Same Canadian lady that he and his GF got in a HYYYUUUUGE fight about last time because he didnt tell his GF about her. Well then Canadian lady went back to Canada and all was solved…sort of. Canadian Lady came back like a month ago (moved permanently) and his GF still doesnt know. His GF just joined the same gym. He is such an idiot. Like what goes through a dudes head with this stuff.

TUESDAY EZ PULL…and Ron y Cola y Alberrca y Tacos y ABC Shots y si
The Norm


Seated DUM OHP

Tricep Rope

I switched heavy and volume bench days for hang over and holyfuck what a shitty workout. Delts could nt handle Benching but they did fine with the seated OHP. That felt great so that is what I will be doing going forward.

PHYSIQUE: GAWD DAMN hotel had good lighting and some mirrors so I could get a good look. Traps/Rhomboids and Quads have striations coming in and when flexing through the ROMs they did that thing where they look like rubber bands being flicked. A cut is so tempting right after this comp but I will go into offseason and build a better muscle base and cut next January.

DIET: We gettin beefy. Going to lower carbs and increase fats by switching to beef instead of chicken for a couple days. That should help delts feel better and me to keep the calories higher.

DRINKING I mean obviously it helped me relax a bit (Wifey much more mostly) but ugh I didnt even like the feeling. Whats wrong with me? Not even sure what I will do with myself after powerlifting if I dont like drinking, maybe something productive? Ugh LOL Enjoy youth while it lasts people!!! HAPPY HUMPDAYYY!!!




Quad X
Ham Curl

Yea, when Squats go like that they are called SKWATS! By far the strongest I have ever been and not on the SD and am supposed to bump Tren/Test Doses starting Sunday. I have considered not bumping them if I didnt feel like it was necessary but I think we all know the only way those doses dont stay bumped is if I cant handle the dosages.

DEADS: Did not feel like I would have liked but still moved well on the video. I think the SKWAT set and first heavy singles in a while is probably contributing. For now I am continuing the program as written but I might completely scrap any Dead reps above low 600s for prep.

BARBELL CRISIS AVERTED: I was worried a 29mm barbell would be too big for my Squat because I thought the bar I was using might be something like 26-27mm but I actually measured my normal bar today and it is 28.6mm bar. The other bars I am not allowed to use are 29mm bars and I have had no problem Squatting with them…that once…that destroyed the bar so I am no longer allowed to use them.

My Hook feels better with the 29m bars and Bench can dig into your palms with the 28.6mm. A 28mm bar has to be absolutely tiny! I could not imagine trying to bench or hook grip with a 28mm bar.

6.5 Weeks out from WPC Nats, I am going to put up one hell of a fight.


Looking Strong and Solid! Keeping the head up, driving the traps into the bar. I like it.