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Fuerza Quest: A Gravity Wars Story


AM Wake UP: 98.8kg and 96cm Waist for fat boy PR

More Rows


Bench 5x10@225
Pec Dec
Dum OHP 3x12@30

Delts fried, feeling good though and time to eat and get that sleep for SKWATs (redemption) and Deadlifts (VOLUME…cardio)


LOL Bro Betting, Mothers Day, WPC and no more Looking backwards.

OK so, it is Liga Mexico playoffs today and Luis and my favorite teams play each other so we Bet 50 Crunches, 50 Butt Bridges and 50 Calf Raises PLUS 2 minutes on at treadmill at 5mph for each game and for the series. They play a home and away where away goals scored count as a tie breaker. THis could get ugly, I really hope 5mph isnt as fast as I think it is.

Its Mothers Day here so I made a Watermelon Rum bowl. Watermelon is Senora’s favorite and she likes a good drink too…just literally only one. We also doing tailgate style and watching the Santos game.

Luis has decided to come to WPC. Honestly this is huge for both of us. Trusted liftoffs and handlers who know eachothers lifts PLUS his GF will occupy my wife.

And I have decided to burn the ships. No more looking at old rep PRs or even old programming. It doesnt matter. So with that…

SQUAT 7@445
DEADS 3x10@355
Yoga and shit

Dont think I took more total warmup sets today but I made sure I felt good before adding more than a plate and that seemed pretty good. Also brought my Squat stance in and my knee was fine BUT depth was too deep and I am going to leave it like that. I dont think I lost a lot of strength but too deep is better than questionable especially since I have no idea what to expect going into WPC.

oK I am going to fry up some chorizo chile concoction to top off the hotdogs and VAMOS SANTOS!!! Y VENGAAAANNNNNN!!!


Dum Yates Row
Hammer Lat Row
Bar Curl
3x8@the Bar

Little worn down today and my butt hurts. Really hard to get going and I really need to train alone LOL

PHYSIQUE: Went from Full and Fat to Flat and Fat so I look terrible. Everything feels tighter and harder I just look like a smoothed round torpedo…if torpedos were short and fat. Its ok this is the fun part.

UGH and another social event this weekend, really hate this shit LOL HAPPY WEEKEND!!!


SPONSORSHIP!!! Currently in talks with a guy who wants to sponsor me (with roids so I have no moral dilemna). Still have a lot to discuss but cool offer none the less.

FKN BRO SHIT Luis had yet another max attempt taken from him today. Some fkn bro dude who “knows all about powerlifting” took his squat away basically as soon as Luis hit the hole. Fuck tard.

On the Plus Side (for me hahahaha) America lost BAAAD (4-1) on Thursday so he has to do that ridiculous workout at least once but most likely twice.


Little sick and dont feel like eating so my diet the rest of the day is 600g of Arrachera and some tostadas.

Going to watch some Kern US Open now.


Comin at Monday like:


SQUAT 12@345

Good workout. I went in much earlier than yesterday because I was just “ready” skipping the gym yesterday and watching Kern US Open all day.

I have the utmost faith in this program right now. The real test wont come until Weeks 10 and closer but this should go well.

OK, gonna eat and maybe nap then take Sofi to the gym annnnnd yea I guess continue the MCU marathon. Rough life LOL…we need jobs.


Santos Tied vs America (who plays in Mexico…City, Mexico) so SANTOS ADVANCES!!! and I dont have to do that ridiculous workout and Luis has to do it again :smiley:


Kern US Open Thoughts:

I watched a lot of training media of the competitors and you could kind of predict the issues (easily). A lot of high Squatters missed on Depth. A lot of those Tap and Go Benches didnt come close to matching it in comp. The guys who train with straps and train grip separately had grip issues. Kind of like what is the point of taxing your body for a lift you wont make in comp. (In their defense social media probably pays at least a portion of their bills.)

Even the Hook people with shitty hook technique had issues.

You could get into the inconsistent judging on Squats but you shouldnt leave it up to the judges.

1 guy mentioned he had the best prep ever but the worst meet ever. 1st off if you have a shit meet your prep was shit. He did cut an insane amount of weight in 1 week to make weight, then you obviously fkt up your diet for 3+ months. Sure that will affect you but I was watching your training and I never thought you were going to have a good meet, and then you didnt.

I know I only see a fraction of their work but what they post is telling. What they say about it after is telling. The more and more I see these obvious mistakes in prep and on the platform the more and more I think I can and should be coaching. I have a ton to learn like all of us, but I really feel like I could be a really good coach.



I just watched a video of JP Price’s 1,003 attempt…good god that amount of movement with 1,000lbs on your back…I am by no means a powerlifter, but follow a few on social media…they’re trying really hard to be polite and positive (from what I’ve seen) but seems like there were some issues that could have led to injuries fairly easily…


I have to have faith they will fix it all next year. The 2 running it are pretty well respected in the community and who knows what happened behind the scenes with securing a location and plates and all that.

From what I heard Next Gen bar had too much give and the raised platform is spongy with that much weight and now the Ivanko’s.

If they really want to take that Comp to the next level (or if any comp does) no more live judges for Squats. Video cameras at knee height fed to a few screens with a couple judges quickly evaluating. Video replaying every single attempt would take less time than it takes to set up for the next lifter. On top of that they could televise that live feed and immediately become the most trusted / legit comp ever




Not a super inspiring workout. I think I need to eat more but I just havent had an appetite the last few days.

OK off to the mall for some old fashioned loitering.


Skip to minute 26, this is what I was talking about. How they talk about his past training is telling. They didnt say he had an awesome prep. They said he needs to train to a higher standard right after having his best meet to date.

Larry also looks to be playing long (smart) ball here. Next year his BB comp is in November ish so that gives him almost 6 months instead of about 3 to go after the 308 in May. It looks like every mistake they made they are fixing it.


John Gaglione is no fool


His gym is less than ten miles from me. Actually thought about joining a while back.


I feel like Larry got some Invinciblitus* and thought he could do it all was a lot of the issue.

*Clinical term for someone who thinks they are invincible but in reality are not.

So jealous, I am going to have to buy my own PL bar in a couple months when weights get higher and you guys have world class coaches/gyms next door.

CARBIN UP!!! After a few low calorie days decided to do a carb up. I thought this would be some kind of challenge but it is 1pm and I ate 400g of raw rice or about 1.3kg of cooked with veggies and I have 0 bloat. Guess I was a bit depleted. I still have 600 calories I could eat what ever with. Not feeling like a cheat so maybe more rice and veggies LOL.

My veggies were peppers and onions #verticaldiet LOL



Volume PR and a half for Bench…also pretty sure that is the most weight I have hit 13 reps for so cool.

Really half assed arm pump…couldnt focus and was goofing off with wifey (completely not her fault…well sort of LOL)

POOR LUIS: He is going to a different Physio, thats the good part. He was pretty annoyed I had him Benching 75lbs today and he said it felt a bit tight not painful but now he is going to the physio so he probably wasnt even ready for that. Hopefully he gets some rehab exercises and he can hammer that.





Deadlifts were brutal AF. I am feeling a bit rough right now and I have to go back to train Sofi, going to probably do some abs and yoga.

PHYSIQUE Too hairy to tell but I am feeling awesome. I dropped eggs to carb up hard last 2 days. Back to eggs and lower carbs tomorrow though.



He is dead, not technically yet buuuuut the gym chick messaged him asking if he would be at the gym tomorrow I assume for a spot. So Luis will not be making it to WPC after all. LOL


Luis is in talks with the WPC Mexican Director or who have you.

Squat depth is parallel (just going to use that as a bail out if needed)

Head lift and heave is good to go on Bench, Going to add that in on later reps as most people add tap and goes. I will probably also do about half of my reps that way in the peak. I am pretty sure that gives me a 205+ bench as of now.

Now the FUNNY PART: Meet days are flexible like just show up and lift when you can like LOOOOL!!! Vive Mexico (Luis said it first).

The obvious angle here is lift on Sunday to know what I need to lift etc. But truly I want to go head to head with Pikis (100kg) and Israel (90/100kg) if at all possible.

Which brings me to Competitors Update:

Pikis is leaning out and doing some BB stuff. He might be trying to get into the 90kg class and I am also pretty sure he is battling injuries. His IG account isnt showing a lot of training.

Israel is probably actually going to be in the 100kg class. He just did a Mock Meet and went 300/155/300@99 w/wraps for 755. He missed a 320kg quarter Squat, he could be very dangerous in 12 weeks.

ME: Going to push it to the best that I can and keep the injuries in check. As of right now I think we are all very even. Hopefully I can pull away…



“On this edition of: The Meathead Sleuth! Bot checks in on his competitors, weighs in on meet format, and loses a dear friend? Stay tuned to find out!”


hahahaha Totally stealing this for something, not sure what yet!!!

Dum Yates


Cable Back Fly

Some Curls

Great back pump, not a great bicep pump. I think I ran out of carbs. Only ate once this morning and it wasnt a ton.

DIET: Going to try and potato and veggie blast my way through the weekend in hopes I can get another half cm off my waist.

PREP: I am having some fun. The training is feeling awesome and I think I finally figured out the Peak puzzle to do everything I want to do (with Squat Frequency). I am going to go Hulk smash everything mode from here to that Meet…with in reason to stay healthy obviously.




Just posted a 485lbs / 220kg for 7…so very suspicious :smiley:

I am going to tag him next week for my 525 AMRAP con “tu turno”…I mean as long as it is a decent set.


Head lift is fine and heels can come up. I am going to bench 210+ and that will be key if I am going to win. I am going to make my Bench training a little more aggressive in the later weeks.

DAYS CONFIRMED: Luis wants to lift on “his” day and so I will keep my day as well. He weighs in Thursday and Lifts Friday. I weigh in Friday and lift Saturday.


Shit AF Workout:



So I forgot my bench grippy mat thing (cannibalized yoga mat) and also my gym is down to 1 straight bar (that is still bi-curious) that was being used. Once again to all of you people with fancy shit like flat floors and straight bars I am insanely fucking jealous, yes profanity is necessary.

1st working set my back slipped and I tweaked a trap muscle. If I am being honest with myself I think me trying to do the head lift and heave had something to do with it. Subtlety is key, note for future. But I used it on a couple of warmup reps and Damn I could feel it.

I tried desperately to front Squat but that didnt work. I probably would have gotten it in another hour of work or so. I will work on it every Squat session until I can just do front Squats again. I also mildly inflamed mi SI joint…but no worries I am popping them Aleve so I wont feel nothing later. Normally I would wait it out but I am just not in that mood.

Annnd dont even feel like eating so I meal prepped another days of food that is smaller so I dont have to eat so much today LOL.

OK going to idk what, HAPPY SATURDAY!!!



Leg 2 of 2 is today and we are winning 2-1 but Leg 2 is in their stadium so I dont have the highest of hopes. As being raised a Detroit fan this “tempered” hopes strategy allows me to still enjoy Football LOL Well I mean that and rooting for good teams.

Arms and some light Rear and Lateral delt prehab.

Had a gun plan but scrapped it to just have some really light pump chasing fun.

Physique It is coming in, a little leaner and I will probably have an update photo. My scale is straight trash though so I am relying on gym scales and I just want to get my gym weight below 100kg. That will set me up to be in the low to mid 90s for the weigh in with out much work.

OK GOING TO SNACK NAP And Watch the Lebron show from last night, no spoilers!!!