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Fueling Your Workout


Ok, so lately since I started actually pushing myself in the gym, I feel like I "run out of fuel" half way through my workout. By the 2nd half of the workout, I have to lower the weight I use, or I won't perform the exercises with good form, or will not manage to get desired reps.

I would normally fix this with popping Spike before a workout, but now I workout at about 8pm after I get home from work and eat, so i can't pop Spike cuz then I won't fall asleep.

So as far as I know Surge give you energy to workout harder/longer. But I don't have the money right now for another supplement, and quite frankly I don't know if its worth it for that price.
So I was thinking of getting me some powdered Gatorade and chug it down either before my workout or during. (initially wanted to get it for postworkout, because of the dextrose)

Any thoughts? Comments? Advices? Tips? Tricks?

Thank you


I asked this over on FA and some of the girls suggested L-tyrosine, and maybe some caffeine (but probably too late for that too). I didn't end up trying it; I ended up just getting some more Surge Workout Fuel once I was able to afford it again. I think it's totally worth the price!


You won't find dextrose anywhere except for over the counter glucose tabs for diabetics or you could go with the cheaper choice: candy.
Just make sure that dextrose and/or maltodextrin is listed as the first ingredient with no other sugars like sucrose listed. Smarties and similar candies are good. They also have citric acid in them.

Grind/blend it and mix with water and protein if you have it.
There's your po-man's PWO.



You should have got recovery. Surge Workout Fuel has no protein in it and can't double as PWO like recovery can double as peri-workout.




Or, to save money, dixie cups full of sugar.


I mix a a couple servings of powdered gatorade (about 20g of carbs) with a little whey (10-15g) and 5g creatine MH in a quart of water to drink during my workout, and it really seems to help me. I'm sure the gatorade is the important ingredient, and it's pretty damn cheap, so it's worth experimenting with.

Spike is a little much for me late at night, too, but a good strong cup of green tea (2-3 bags, 40-60 mg of caffeine) can be a good boost for a late night workout, and if I bust my ass at the gym, I won't have a problem going to sleep after that.


When I run out of Surge Workout Fuel, I just use waxy maize during training and PWO.


How long are your workouts?

You can try timing your workouts an hour or so after a major meal so you get a nice energy release.


I do carb cycling and on the days I train it's a high day, around 400-500g of carbs, I eat carbs in the morning, for the 2 meals before workout, PWM and a meal after workout. I mostly have enough energy for the training session, and progressing steadily.


i workout late too. not as late as you.

i lift form 5:30-7 and am in bed at 9:30.

i usually take 1/2 a Spike pil at about 3:45 and still have plenty of energy for my whole workout. i also have a gatorade/leucine shake during my workout. the poor mans Surge.


I do workout an hour after I eat. Still doesn't do the trick. Maybe I'm eating the wrong stuff?
My workouts usually last ~50 mins. And if I add core exercises it's ~65 mins. But a lot of times I don't do them because by the time I finish everything else, I'm about to throw up


I drink 8 oz of grape juice before with 5 g of creatine monohydrate about 20 minutes before.
All the sugar in there gives me a quick boost that seems to last the whole session.
I also eat something carb-heavy an hour and a half before hand.

If you're working hard, it's normal for you to get tired during the workout. =)


Microbreweries often sell supplies to make your own beer, among them bulk dextrose.


try splitting your training sessions into 2 shorter sessions, an AM and PM session. Allows for higher quality of work. So in the morning do your compound movements in the morning, keep the reps low work towards a total of 10-12 total sets, reps between 3-5, try and keep it under 45 minutes.

Then in the afternoon go to less compound movements for 12-15 total sets i like to stay under 8 reps. Leave a little in the tank on your sets in the morning,it should feel like you have one more rep left one each set, put the emphasis on speed. then at night crush it. Try consuming BCAA's prior and during your training sessions helps with energy and recovery.


You might want to read Will Brink's article on waxy maize before you do this.


So the consensus is that some gatorade should help with this, yes?


I think you'd be better off eating more carbs from food 60 to 90 minutes prior to training.


If I feel myself dragging during a workout I take a five minute break, rip off my shirt and scream at the mirror while flexing as hard as I can...shit really gets me going. :slight_smile: Or the thing HK said, I agree with that too.


Speak for yourself

Dex is cheaper than candy for me too


I'm a strong advocate of proper pre-workout nutrition. I find it to be more crucial than a hodgepodge of "pre-workout" supplements. What exactly are you eating 1.5-2 hours prior to training?