Fueling MA Workouts and Losing Fat

Maybe this should go into the nutrition section, but I see all the MA post here and think it’ll get more press here.

I train Muay Thai at least three days a week sometimes four. We train hard, both skill and conditioning. My issue is I cant seem to lose any fat. I feel like I have tried everything I have read that people recomend on the boards but nothing seem to work. I have tried cutting cals slightly, drasticaly, T-Dawg, very low carb. You name it it feels like I have tried it, frustration is setting in. I have tried Berardi’s guidelines and I gain fat (even at what he says would be maintainence), as I cut cals I feel my workouts suffer because of lack of carbs. My goal is to get to the 150-165 range and get some ametuar fights before I turn 35. I’m 5’6", that is my reason for that weight class.

Have any of you MA guys found a happy medium or picked up any tips for losing fat but having workouts slip? Any info would be greatly appreciaed. If you wany more info let me know and I can post it.

You may have screwed up your metabolism by extreme dieting. If you have, I’d recommend starting a 40/30/30 ME style diet that’s focused around maintenance calories. I’d stick at that point for a month, eating very clean and as consistently as possible, then reevaluate. It’s hard to say exactly why. If you have a solid base to build off of (and some empirical evidence as to how your body reacts to food in general), it will be much easier to tailor your nutritional plan.