Fuel Up With Hot Rice Cereal

Bored of oatmeal? Start your day with this high-protein waker-upper. Get the easy recipe here.

There’s more to breakfast than oatmeal and eggs. For years bodybuilders have relied on hot rice cereal as well. It’s sort of like the rice version of oatmeal or Cream of Wheat and is often sold as rice grits. Here’s a simple way to prepare it ahead of time and have breakfast ready to go all week.

  1. Spray your slow cooker with coconut oil to prevent sticking and also because coconut oil is delicious.
  2. Add 3 cups of water and 1 cup of uncooked rice cereal (rice grits).
  3. Add fruit of choice. Frozen raspberries, fresh banana slices, a couple of apples, etc. Or stir in a can of pure pumpkin.
  4. Add several dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and clove or use a pre-made pumpkin or apple pie spice blend.
  5. Before going to bed, set your slow cooker on low for 6-7 hours. It’ll be hot and ready when you wake up.
  6. Stir in a serving or two of vanilla Metabolic Drive (on Amazon)after cooking or reheating. This is the perfect blend of high quality whey isolate and micellar casein.

Option: Replace the brown rice cereal with steel-cut oats.

Make about 4 servings. Feel free to double the recipe.