Fucoxanthin as Liver/Cycle Support

I was just wondering if anyone has any views as to whether fucoxanthin is a good liver/general cycle support supplement or not?

Im not sure what links I can post on here or not, but if you look it up on Examine.com, there are studies showing its efficacy in reducing liver enzymes and liver fat quite significantly at 2.4g per day (by an amount similar to TUDCA), whilst it’s also been found to help reduce blood pressure and triglycerides.

Given the observed benefits, combined with the relatively low cost, I was just wondering if there’s any reason this isn’t more popular as part of a cycle that includes oral steroids? Or perhaps more pertinently: is this a good supplement to use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about it but I am going to be using NAC (N-ACETYL CYSTEINE) for my second cycle. I have heard a lot of good about it.

Yep, NAC’s meant to be pretty tried and trusted!