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I was at work today and went in to one of my accounts. I came out to a couple mins. later find someone ripped my laptop out of my car and stole my fuckin cell phone. If I was to hate one type of person it is a fuckin thief. Man I am so pissed off. You fuckin asshole who ever you are I hope that computer shorts out and burns you house down you worthless fuck. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCK. I thought this would help but Iam still pissed. My hole business was in thoses two things. FUCK. Oh well life goes on.

Yo… been there “3” times.

Although, I didn’t have a laptop/cell phone stolen.

Man, to this day I’ve promised myself that if I ever see a person breaking into a car I’ll use his head to bash in the windshield.

What I’ve discovered, from each of these break-ins, is that the following rage is great fuel for a workout.

Hope you find the fuckers and break their hands.

That really sucks! My advise to you would be to make sure you get the serial number of the unit to the police. Chances are that you will not see your laptop again.

I hope you backed up your data and carry insurance (or your employer/company does) for the loss. I know we’ve had several laptops stolen and they have been covered by insurance.

Also, think back if you had any information on your laptop (credit card numbers, PIN codes, passwords, etc) that may be useful to the thief. Change those!

Dude, that’s happened to me 2 times. It totally sucks. The 2nd time there was serious damage to the rubber casing around the window on the passenger side. And guess what? I got robbed on Thursday night. Just had a new stereo put in Tuesday afternoon. What a crock. Good luck with that bro. I’ve seen criminals get busted around here for answering the phone they just stole. Who knows, you might have an idiot on your hands, try it.

My second time too. Atleast I got to break my stuff in before it got taken.

BuBo does it get easier by the 3rd time?lol

A little easier the 3rd time. I was like, holy fuck! Not again! But I wasn’t as angry as the first time.

The 3rd time was kinda strange to me. I had nothing in my car (learned from the first 2) i had my glove box open. I guess they saw some papers that looked interesting, shit i don’t know.

I feel your pain brotha. I too have been ripped off and there’s nothing you can do except channel your rage into your workouts.

On a lighter note, you know the scene from Office Space when Orlando Jones comes to the door and says, “Hi, my name is Steve, I used to be addicted to crack. Would you like to buy a magazine?” That just happened to my girlfriend and her brother. They let this guy in their house to use the bathroom and get a drink, after he admitted to being on community service for selling rocks. If he wasn’t casing their house, I’ll eat my fuckin shorts. Dude was asking questions about their cars, when their parents come home, if they had any weed, etc. I would have told the guy to get in his car and drive to a public bathroom. But that’s just me. I’m not letting some crack dealer that I don’t know into my home, and I don’t really care if I hurt his feelings. In fact, I have done this before. A junkie showed up at one of my parties, and when I kicked him out he ended up sleeping on the neighbor’s porch. He came to my door at 7 am asking if he could come in and use my toothbrush to brush his teeth and then if he could take a nap. My response was, “I’m giving you 3 seconds to get off my steps or I’m kicking you down them.” Never saw him again.

Use your toothbrush LOL that is the funniest shit I have ever heard.LOL That made my night.LOL. I wish I could of seen your facial expression.

i’ll feel your pain bro. i’ve had my car broken into 4 times. it sucks!!. i have no idea how much money i’ve lost with my stero’s, subs, cd’s, getting stolen and my damn window smashed. all i have to say to you is don’t be a dumbass like me and get a car alarm. the thing that realy pist me off about the last time i got my shit stolen was that when they bashed my window in and took my stero they spliced my other wires to my speakers and who knows what else when all the little fuckers had to do is disconnect. the only thing i can give thanks too is that they didn’t like my taste in music. cause i had my intire case there and they didn’t take it.
now that would of made me just SNAP!!
you can take my stero even my subs but leave my fucking cd’s alone!!
ok i’m done ranting
go on about your business

MJP dude if I were you I would start taking the the bus. You have no luck.
4 times that is the record.

“The things you own end up owning you.”

well if u want to count it. and this is bad cause i thought i could actually trust my friends i went into my school first while my friends were still getting out of the car. well the thing that was sooo nice! of them was that they left my window open and door unlock! needless to say when i got back and 1 hour and half alter my stero was gone and the cd’s little that i had left were gone. they told me that it was my friend tony’s fault cause he was the last one out. but you know i would think if they were realy my friend they would of made sure that my window was up and the door was locked. yeah i know the only luck i have is BAD luck :frowning:


BOBU & co, “Is this a private fight or can anyone be involved.” Irish saying. If I see you doing it Ill join in!

I’ve also had the pleasure of a break in on my car once although my worst experience is being bashed by Aboriginals in the mall at midnight whilst being blind drunk. It was like having a pillowcase over my head and being bashed. I managed to scramble to my feet as the adrenaline took hold only to get run over by a car which didn’t stop. The ring leader wouldnt detach himself from his mongrel pach to discuss the matter either. Oh well, I kept my wallet, shoes etc and I fully recommend assault as a method of sobering up.