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Fucked Up Shoulder


Hey guys I have had trouble with my left shoulder. Since OHP day. I tried doing the kelly starrett arms overhead thumbs back and I get a shooting pain in my shoulder, maybe the rotar cuff, I can not tell.

I can't do a single dip because it feels like my body goes out since my shoulder began hurting. To compound this I always end up falling asleep on my left shoulder.

Should I continue going to BJJ and lift weights or stop for awhile? I recently got really motivated and don't want to stagnate doing nothing but am worried I will mess my shoulder up if i continue.


From my personal experience i would rest a week than try neutral grips. Dumbbels and machines offering you that option might be your best friends. Some shoulders configurations are simply aggravated with a straight bar grip. Last 8 months my shoulders are fine after much reading and carefully re-introducing 1 exercise at a time to eliminate any culprit.

Upright row i use the rope attachement.
Pulldown i use 2 free moving handles.
Any press dumbbells or machine with neutral grip.
For RC pullaparts with bands is a plus or reverse flys.