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Man i’m angry at our stinking government. Last week I went to a store and they had power drive on the shelf, I didn’t buy it at the time. So I decided to go buy it today and the guy tells me they took it off the shelf. Supposedly they are not allowed to sell it. How great!

Canada is run by a bunch of liberal NAZI’s! They don’t have the right to tell me what i can put in my body. Everything seems to be banned here. Maybe they should ban women because they are a bunch of faggots! Alright sorry but needed to release some tension hehe.

What on earth was their reasoning? Assuming you weren’t too pissed to think to ask that…

“They don’t have the right to tell me what i can put in my body”

I know I’ve heard that before (drug addicts, smokers, women with chests full of silicone, hookers)

And even if you’re not happy with our left-wing government (although I certainly wouldn’t call them left-wing, it’s more of a moderate right-wing) please avoid calling them nazis, it makes you sound like an inmature child.

Thank you.

Mankind: the cause of, and solution to all of mankind’s problems.

I ordered Power Drive a little while ago along with some other Biotest products and Customs Canada confiscated the Power Drive. Health Canada sent me a letter telling me Power Drive contains a controlled substance, but not specifying which one.

I did some research on their website and concluded they confiscated the Power Dirve because it contains tyrosine, which is allowed only in baby foods.

Subsequently, I phoned the contact indicated on the letter and she told me it was indeed because of the tyrosine.

Tyrosine is a controlled substance in Canada because its safety when used over a long time hasn’t been proven. That’s why it’s allowed only in baby foods, since babies don’t eat it for too long.

I told the agent that was a total crock and I didn’t believe Health Canada really had the best interests of Canadians at heart if they restrict an amino acid but let cigarettes stay on the market, since the harmful effects of tobacco when used for a long time have been proven.

To conclude, she released the Power Drive with the caveat that if I want to order it again, to not order more than a 30-days’ supply.

What a bunch of wankers.

Everything in Canada is illegal except for marijuana. Thats good and legal. :wink:

Ok Mr Krystian, who did you vote for in last federal election? Was it our present Liberal goverment which will probably be considered the worst in the history of this country? If you didn’t vote then don’t bother complaining.

They sure as hell weren’t too concerned about keeping Marijuana off the shelves. Did that bill ever pass?

As far as the Nazi statement I was only kidding because I was pissed. Pho I guess you don’t have a problem with the ephedrine/pro hormone bans. After all they should be able to tell you what you put in your body regardless of safety. I’ll just go to the beer store and buy 2 cases of beer while they smile at me and tell me to enjoy this safe beverage that has never caused any problems in society.

Actually at the time I voted for PC hehe.

PC better win the next election.

If they don’t, then the whole country of Canada is going to go to Hell in a Handbasket courtesy of Jean Chretien and his Liberal cuntrag bitches.

It seems to be the growing trend for governments to reclassify OTC supplements as controlled substances. That way, the pharmaceutical companies can have sole control of their distribution and profits. We’re seeing this with prohormones.

Although it is rare, phenylketonuria (PKU) is a congenital lack of the enzyme that converts phenylalanine (an essential amino) to tyrosine. All newborns are screened for this defect, and if present they require tyrosine supplementation and phenylalanine restriction in order to prevent mental retardation and albinism. We’re talking an IQ of 40 if untreated. At least baby food will still contain tyrosine, but I’m uncertain whether or not patients require lifelong supplementation. It seems intuitive that PKU patients would since tyrosine is a precursor for neurotransmitters and skin pigments, but the literature I have only covers the importance in newborns. I’m sure if it were prescription only, it would cost a lot more than the 5 bucks it sells for at GNC.

Just a theory, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the govt’s motivation for this were financial. Also wouldn’t surprise me if things like DHEA, lysine, and CoQ10 were pulled since it’s common for doctors to recommend these to patients. While working at GNC, I’ve had people come in with doctor’s instructions to pick up CoQ10 for metabolic disorders, DHEA for lupus, and lysine for herpes. It’s only a matter of time before drug companies catch on.

Good points. Wasn’t this the same case for ephedrine? I recall reading an article saying that the the clinically obese people are given choices of several drugs they can take to speed up their metabolism. One of which (and by far the cheapest) is ephedrine. Thus, the medical lobby gets it banned and the obese people will have to buy their drugs which are several times the cost.

I think what we (CDN/US) really needs is a sports medicine lobby. Then, when the medical lobby tries to get something banned with their “evidence”, the SM lobby can refute it.

Funny how the med lobby doesn’t try to get tobacco or alcohol banned…

While I know you appologized for the Nazi comment I’d like to point out that it really made no sense. Nazi’s are extreme right wing, and Liberals are left wing. So your beloved PC party is closer to Nazi ideals than the liberals. Communism is the extreme left view. Just clarifying terminology. Either way they were run by dictators heheh.

I’m not trying to sound like an authority here on the subject at all but I did a small research project on Phenylketonuria back in 11th grade Biology and if I remember correctly, the tyrosine supplementation can be discontinued after a certain point in infancy.

Again, don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure thats what I remember.

Chris- I was too tired to look it up last night, but you’re right, tyrosine supplementation was traditionally discontinued after brain maturation was complete.

However, recent data suggests that when supplementation is stopped, patients have a drop in IQ, as well as learning and behavior problems. Lifelong supplementation is now recommended, and I’d take it if I had PKU.

So what now for adults w/PKU in Canada? The disease affects 1:16,000 in the US.

“So what now for adults w/PKU in Canada? The disease affects 1:16,000 in the US.”

Fuck the government. Smuggle it.

PC. Progressive Conservative. Is THAT an oxymoron or what?

Canada needs a Radical, Jessy Ventura style, Party. Just to counterbalance all of the sheepish (statu quo) culture and lobbies already in place.

Man, Dubya Bush`s football speech (what I have heard was short, concise, to the point and summed up all the American glory and ideals) made more political sense that all of the crap we here in Canadian politics nowadays.

Dream on. Last time, everybody bitched about Jean Chretien year in, year out. And what did wind up doing? Re-electing him. Fiiiiiiiiiiine. How`s that for consistency?

(By the way, dont shell me theI needed to vote that way to offset my neighbours vote intentionscrap. We are talking convictions here. Not strategic voting. You always have the choice to vote different or not to vote. And dont sling me the What if everybody thought like you? JOKE either. NEWS FLASH. I have heard that argument for years and years, and so far history proves me nobody (or just a statistically insignificant few number) of people have the balls to use that alternative. Trust human nature to have doomsday-views and fear-driven voting logic converted into stupid actions. But, then again, we are talking politics. People should have an IQ test before voting. MAJOR ONE. Maybe the whole system is fucked, it is based on what candidate one likes (sheeesh!), not what one can do (competence) (Notable exceptions who did the job: Mike Harris and Ralph Klein). Oh well, you get what you vote for! You get what (politicians) you deserve in the end. End reality check.)

Another fuck you Canada rant: the speed of evolution of the gay marriage debate, project, bill and adoption.

Everybody says politics are like a big boat that takes years to turn around…Fuck-me-in-the-ass no.

Have you seen the speed at which gay power is gaining up legal terrain. Is this how Canada wants to become globally known (The Gay Friendly Country)? Is that the message?

It seems that passing gay-friendly laws is more important than anything else. Man, must some of them have skeletons in the closet to exorcise (read: gay blackmail) or what? Like Healthcare, jobs, competitive economy, education were 2nd options.

By the way, I have nothing against gays. The point is this: lies. Don`t tell me the system is slow to change and do the exact contrary thing at the same time.

But then, we are talking corrupted politics in Canada. What am I expecting?

Guiliani, where are you?

Tyrosine was banned about 20 yrs ago in Canada after a shoddy supplement company brought some in that was somehow contaminated and a couple people died from it. Like most supplement regulations, it was a knee jerk reaction to one insulated incident. Hey on the bright side, we can still get ephedra here and steroids are not illegal to possess.

MAGNUS: Was not ephedra taken out of circulation? There seemed to be a tablet cleaning (and press coverage) around in a couple of towns.