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Fuck John Walker

Did anyone see the press conference with John Walkers parents? What a bunch of assholes they! John Walker is a fucking traitor who should have been taken to the military tribune and killed! I can’t believe that pussy is back on American soil! I sure hope that none of the liberal jerkoffs in this country are on his jury because they will have pity on him and set him free. That motherfucker fought against the U.S. and had knowledge of the WTC bombings! His parents should be disgraced that they have raised such a failure! What balls they have saying that “John loves this country” , clearly he does not! The asshole trained with Bin Laden! Fuck John Walker, fuck his parents and fuck any bleeding heart liberal in this country who feels sorry for him and those terrorist we have down in Cuba!!! Don’t tread on me!!! Long live the U.S.A.

Right on. I find it ironic that the people who denounce the American free enterprize and democratic system rely heavily on our system to meet their goals of destroying us. Why did the terrorists who bombed the WTC go to flight school in the U.S.? Probably because there were none in their oppressive home country. Would John Walker have ever learned what radical Islam was if we didn’t have a FREE exchange of ideas in this county? Do youngsters growing up in the middle eastern Islamic countries learn anything positive or even neutral about Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism?

Get a rope. String the MFer up.

I second it, plus I got some rope in my garage… honestly string his parents up too

John Walker is a United States citizen that fought as an enemy soldier. He should be charged with treason and tried in a closed military court, plain and simple. I am completely speechless as to why this is not happening. Justice may be blind, but she can still weep.

I stand in agreement with you: Hang John Walker high!

This sick, twisted and distorted liberal “mercy” we are seeing in the courts of the western world, most of all in Europe, is nothing but disguised Satanism.

Those who practise child-rape and child-slaying are being felt sorry for and set free. How Christian of them to show mercy on killers in this world! Go read the Bible and find out what God commanded us to do with such people back in the old days when we still had common sense in our legal-system.

Islam is sick, but I am going to give them credit for one thing: They have a highly effective legal-system that shows no mercy. We should combine their code of justice with our democratic court, and we would have an effective way to remove such scum as John Walker from the face of the planet.

The frigging irony is that those Taliban-shitheads have committed the most hideous crimes against humanity, but when the US literal put a pair of handcuffs on some of them, the so-called “human-rights organizations” protests and calls it “barbarism” committed by US.

We should take those pacifists as well and hang them with John Walker, while we are at it.

While I certainly agree that John Walker should get what he deserves, and in no way do I support his actions, but I need to say this. At least he acted upon his beliefs. Go to any college in this country and you will here time and again how materialistic and money-hungry our nation is…by people wearing $40 tee-shirts! The people that blast our country’s values are the same ones who frankly benefit the most from what they claim to protest. Death penalty or no, John Walker will not last in a prison population.

This is what I propose to do with John Walker:

  1. Hang him by his toes
  2. Pluck his hair one by one – ALL of it, chest, pubic, etc., etc.
  3. Pull all nails out (fingers and toes)
  4. Skin him alive
  5. Dip him in boiling oil
  6. Once he’s done cooking, cut him into little pieces and feed them one by one to his fucking retarded parents who had the nerve to say that this sorry excuse for man “loves his country”

And those fucking liberal assholes who think we’re barbaric for handcuffing Taliban fuckers ought to be shot.

I knew that some conservative scumsucker would have to do it-that is attack liberals concerning this john walker dirtball. Well I would like you to ask GWB our pretzel pres. why he had the FBI back off on its investigation of bin ladens org. in this country prior to 9-11. And also ask him why he helped 2 of bin ladens brothers leave this country after 9-11! The FBI wanted to talk to these 2 seeing as to how they were associated with 4 of the hijackers and are involved with a muslim youth org. that might be a terrorist front. So your president knowingly let 2 guys who may have been involved in the 9-11 incident escape. Can you say “TRAITOR”. By the way one FBI agent was so angry at bush’s take it easy approach that he quit and got a job at the WTC where he died on 9-11 trying to save people. enuf said!

Dan, let me get this straight if I can… you say (without providing evidence) that AFTER Sept 11, Bush allowed two of bin Laden’s brothers to leave the US. (Which he may or may not have been done… just because someone is a brother of a criminal doesn’t mean you can hold them forever.) And that an FBI agent was so disgusted from this that he quit, went to work at the WTC, and then died there on 9/11.

Was time travel involved?

Does this agent have a name? Is this story verifiable?

Dan, I don’t believe a word of your post. Where did you get your information? The GreenPeace website maybe? Dan, this has turned into a liberal/conservative issues because the people that who are more concerned with Walker’s “rights” than the fact that he probably helped kill US soldiers are all liberals.

By the way, from what I understand Walker is not being tried for treason because of the high burden of proof (i.e. two witnesses, etc).

Just curious…have the parents of John Walker indicated why it is that they think their son “loves America?”…

Okay, how about this one – he wants to be called henceforth John Lindh! He’s even disowned his parents. What makes any one think he holds such great love for his (former) country?

thats the problem is people only attack one side of the issue. One camp only looks at walkers rights, the other only looks at his impending death. If the American system is at all in working order, Walker should be allowed a fair trial, and none of his rights infringed on. THEN, if the system works and it should, he should be found guilty and only then executed.

Torture that son of a bitch, his parents, and any sympathizers!

Didn’t he emmegrate to Afghanistan before Sept 11th? Doesn’t that mean that he is then an Afghan?

I agree dman. Give him a fair trial and then hang the MFer. Let’s do this nice and legal! Until we legally hang the bastard, I learned a few neat pranks in Vietnam from our SEAL interrogators that we can play on John Boy’s body that will get him so psyched he will put the noose around his neck all by himself.

I would like to see alittle bit more come out of this war on terrorism than the torturing and execution of John Walker. If we want to feel really good about ourselves why don’t learn from the nazis and hang every terrorist with piano wire and then recessitate and repeat a few times till we decide to let them die. We should gain more insight into how Al Qaeda and other groups get members and stop blaming Wlaker for all that ails America. We should try to learn from everything that is happening and then find a smart way to act instead of sitting around all day deciding how we are going to kill our enemies and sew their land with salt so nothing will grow there ever again.

OJ, your comments are too obvious to bother replying too. The discussion was about one individual and not terrorism in general. BTW, I wouldn’t waste good salt on their land. I would want to napalm it and turn the whole country into a giant WalMart parking lot. That should give you a better understanding of where I, and most real Americans, are coming from. :>) (But first I would buy the real OJ a one way ticket to visit Kabul.) Next!!