FST 7 Routine for 3 Months

Hi guys,
First of all let me introduce my self,

Name : Kevin
Age : 21
Training years : 5,5 years
Height : 5’7 (172cm)
Weight : 180 lbs (82kgs)
Current pictures with no pump taken 5 minutes ago


I will be following Hany’s Rambod routine and put everything in this log with numbers, pictures and videos and finish with a before after update.

Hopefully this would be helpfull in any kind of way and you will like it !


Alright workout 1 done Chest and triceps
Just came back from 2 weeks holidays where I did not train.
Right rotator cuff feels tight a bit swollen nothing too bad but I’m not going full force.

Benchpress :
2 warmup sets 12x130 (60kg) 12x 225 (100kg)
4 working sets 10x265 (120kg) 6X285 (130kg) 5x285 8x240(110kg)

Incline dumbells : Added posing (chest contraction full force) in between sets
12x65 (30kg) 12x90 (40kg) 12x90 (40kg) 10x90 (40kg)

Incline smith machine : Isolation work slow
12x175(80kg) 12x175 10x175 9x175

Fly machine superset Decline push up FST 7 45 sec rest
7 sets quality reps moderate weight stretching all the way contraction all the way and holding
Fly machine weight 130lbs (60kg)

Triceps rope extension
4 sets 12 reps moderate weight

One arm cable extension supinated grip FST 7 with maxium flexing between sets 45 sec rest
7 sets moderate weight Stretching in and out.

To conclude, I’m pretty happy with this session I feel like my power is still there even after 2 weeks without working out but I’m being carefull with my rotators so I can’t go full force;

Even though I wasn’t feeling my strongest I got a sick pump so the workout went good !

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Imppresive physique. I will follow your log.
Good luck !

Thanks man appreciated !
Hope I can bring some insights !

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Day 2 Back and biceps
Shoulers are tight but everything feels good

Pull up :
4xmax rep

BB rowing Flexing Front lats spread in between sets :
1x12 warm up set 130lbs (60kg)
2x12 175 (80kg)
2x12 225 (100kg)

Lats pull down close grip
5 sets going from 12 to 6 reps

DB rows :
4X12 70lbs(32kg) 80lbs(36kg) 90lbs(40kg) 100lbs(44kg)

Lats extension with rope FST 7 Flexing back lats spread in between sets :
Moderate weight 12 to 15 reps adding partials 45 sec rest

Biceps rope curl

Overhead cable curl FST 7 Flexing Front double biceps in between sets :
Moderate weight (It might have been too low this time) 12 reps adding partials 45 sec rest