FSL Multiple Sets and Boring But Big

I’m new to lifting in general and planning to train for strength and size. About BBB 3 month challenge, where you start at 50% on the first month and 70% of your TM in the 3rd month should I stay at 70% on the 4th month? Also if I go for FSL multiple sets, Wendler recommends 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps. what set and rep range do you guys recommend? Should I do 5x5 for weeks 1,2 and 3? I’ve seen someone on Reddit that he did 5x5,3x5, and 5x3 on the 3rd week. Also, can I alternate FSL and BBB every cycle?

Its a 3 month, not a 4 month challenge. You finish, deload, test TM and start either a different challange or program.

does not matter because the total volume will be very simmilar or even the same.

After the challenge you can start whatever program you want :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

If you follow Jim’s method of programming from “5/3/1 Forever “ you would follow this challenge up with 2 Anchors, or programs that are higher in intensity, lower in volume and feature more assistance work. For example, I’m currently doing the BBB 3 Month Challenge, and when I’m done, I’ll follow it up with 2 cycles of “5/3/1 and Widowmakers” as my anchor. Hope this is helpful.